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Know Yourself – Part 4


A baby camel asked his mother, “Why do we have such large hoofs on our feet?”

She turned to him. “God made us that way for a very special reason,” and she began her explanation. “The big hoofs are to keep us from sinking into the sand.”

“Oh! So why do we have long eyelashes?”

“It’s to protect our eyes from the sand.”

“Why the big humps?”

“That is to store fat and have enough energy to go long distances in the hot desert!”

“I see!” the baby camel stretched his neck and looked up at his mother, “The big hoofs are to keep from sinking into the sand, the long eyelashes are to keep the sand out of our eyes, and the humps are to store energy to travel long distances then what are we doing in this cage in the middle of a zoo?”

That was one smart baby camel, don’t you think? He took the time to ask the questions.

Often we’re too busy to ask the questions that really matter – the questions that can help us discover ourselves. If you do ask the questions and take the time and effort to answer them you will go a lot further on your journey to knowing yourself.

Here are a few questions you might like to ask yourself. We suggest that you take your time, retire to a place where distractions are at a minimum and write down you answer without analyzing them. Some questions might take a while to answer and we urge you to take that time.

Remember three things while answering these questions:

Be specific
– the more specific your answers are, the more you will be able to see yourself clearly.

Be honest – Being honest will help you to become truly aware of yourself and your honesty will lead you to have the courage to face your fears and take better control of your life.

Be gentle – Don’t be judgmental with yourself. These questions are meant for you to discover yourself, and not be accusatory.

So here’s a list of 10 questions – it’s only a start – but it’s important to start:

1. What are my top 5 strengths?

2. What are the 3 things I would like to change about myself? Why?

3. If 2 of my friends were gathered in a room without me, what would they say about me? Would I agree with what they said?

4. What type of people do I enjoy spending time with? Why?

5. What do I fear most in my life right now? Why? What would it mean if that happened?

6. What motivates me? Why?

7. What situations am I most at ease in? Why?

8. What situations am I most uncomfortable in? Why?

9. How do I handle criticism from others (give examples).

10. Who do I admire? Why?

Remember you are the expert on you. Do make the time to discover the wonderful person YOU are!

May you be inspired – everyday!

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