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Lessons From The Chilean Miners

As the world watches with joy and amazement, one by one, the Chilean miners are being brought to the surface. Back to the world as we know it after 68 odd days.

What an amazing saga of hope, patience, courage, creativity and team work . After a long time the world is united in watching news of joy and it truly makes a fantastic story.
I’m sure there are a lot of lessons that experts in the mining industry, psychologists, medical personnel, administrators and even NASA have learnt and will learn from this entire ‘journey’. Not to speak of what the miners themselves and their families have learnt from this.
Today I want to focus on what we as individuals, couples and families can learn from their experience – things we know about already, but have been refreshed by their experience of survival. Here are a few that come to my mind:
•Never give up hope – you will always find the strength to pull through the worst of experiences.
•Focus on the task at hand. In their case it was survival and clearing the rubble.
•Take leadership and allow leadership to emerge. At various times in a family one or the other person takes leadership based on experience and skills.
•Share your skills for the common good. A variety of ‘experts’ emerged underground – someone good at  topography, another at medicine, another at counselling.
•Have your meals together, as often as is possible. Apparently the miners waited each day till all 33 of them got their rations and ate together.
•Stay healthy. One miner did a 10k run every day underground!
•Stay positive and have a sense of humor.
•Ask for help and support.
•Enjoy and celebrate life . The miners watch a football match played by their national team! One miner asked for Elvis’ music and led the others in sing-a-longs!
•Be a team. I read somewhere that the miners as for T-shirts with the same slogan. I’m not sure whether that’s true. But they certainly had to work as a team.
•Tell the people who matter that you love them.
I’m sure there are a lot more lessons from Camp Hope that I’ve missed out – would love you to think of some. Let me know.

May you be inspired – everyday!

PS: Some good links:
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