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Loving In The Face Of Fear #MondayMusings

At present, I’m struggling with myself, wrestling with my soul as it were, about the best response to make in a very difficult situation.

What response do you make to people who are happy to make you speak up on their behalf, then suddenly align with the very people you challenged? What do you when you’ve constantly been used, then sidelined and marginalized by people who are supposed to be your own? How do you respond when you speak out and no one acknowledges that you did, much less, listen to your words?

It takes courage for someone like me to express their feelings.

It takes courage for someone like me to express their feelings. I’ve had to work on it for many years. Then to have those feelings ignored, sets you back. It fills you with fear. Should I continue to express my true feelings? Must I make myself vulnerable? Should I lay myself on the line again? Must I continue to love in the face of fear?

Then I go and read this:

To love in the face of fear is bold. To love in the face of hatred is courageous. To make the choice to stretch through resistance to love even more deeply and widely in the face of blatant acts of fear and hatred is a heroism of the heart that may be our only hope to heal this world. – Kristi Nelson

I realize I have no choice.

“Love without expectations”, my inner voice says. And I must follow.

loving in the face of fear

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  1. Sheethalsusan Sheethalsusan July 26, 2017

    TO trust and love again you need tremendous courage which I fail to have right now. I am not scared to admit my feelings, but I am scared to commit to that feelings. I call myself commitment-phobic. Forgive and just move on… that’s what I focus on. Hugs dear <3

  2. Esha Mookerjee-Dutta Esha Mookerjee-Dutta July 25, 2017

    I understand how you feel, Corinne and all I can say is hope you heal fast. Hope you realize that this is not easy to do and have the courage to be bold because that is the only way forward. Too many heartaches and heartbreaks, disillusionment and distrust has got in the way for me before I’ve learnt this truth but as you rightly said, we have no choice!

  3. Vasantha Vivek Vasantha Vivek July 24, 2017

    It’s the toughest thing I can do in my life. Loving the person who denied you. But what you said is so true, love finds no fault, finds no denial & finds no hurts. I too love to practice this atleast for my sake.

  4. Rajlakshmi Rajlakshmi July 24, 2017

    Takes a lot of courage to love and trust again … Once bitten twice shy. But then this is life, it’s ok if we get hurt and our trust is broken. We stand up, dust ourselves and move on. My favorite quote these days is Kill them with Kindness, Bury them with a smile 🙂

  5. Some people want you to speak up and then either misunderstand or make more trouble .Useless wasting energy on them.I try to learn my lessons and move on.Life is too short.I try to be there for those who choose me .We choose our own miseries so avoiding people like those who suck you dry is very important. Best wishes Corinne .You are a good person and you should never be afraid of love but choose wisely (as far as possible).
    We are human after all. Loved the post .

  6. Natasha Natasha July 24, 2017

    Big Hugs Corinne. I once read expectations=disappointments, so I continue to love unconditionally. Yes I have been muted many a times, but then I chose to be the person I am and not allow somebody else’s story change me as a person.
    So continue being you. And continue loving that “you” unconditionally. Love and Cheer your way.

  7. upasna1987 upasna1987 July 24, 2017

    I am not the right person to say anything because my weakness is – I cannot love without expectations even if its Family. If I have done something for my loves ones, I expect something from their side too. I expect Love in return. You area brave soul.

  8. Modern Gypsy Modern Gypsy July 24, 2017

    I’ve not been through this situation per se, but I have had people I considered close friends turning on me when their purpose was solved. It’s heartbreaking and makes you want to retreat away from the world, but you can’t. What they do is a reflection of them. How you respond is a reflection of you. Hugs as you go through this trying time, Corinne!

  9. the bespectacled mother the bespectacled mother July 24, 2017

    Love someone despite the ill they have done is tough. It always comes with an underlining that what if they repeat what they had done earlier. I am afraid of making myself vulnerable. I can forgive and forget, can also be good to them but love them? This is not in my capacity.

  10. BellyBytes BellyBytes July 24, 2017

    Dear Corinne. We’ve all gone through this and carried on loving regardless. It is the hurt that one has to deal with more than actual forgiveness. I find that time is the best healer and if you really love yourself you will forget about those others who “betray” you. Sending you good wishes that these feelings will go away and your life goes back to sunny days.

  11. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar July 24, 2017

    Faced this more often than I would have liked to. I’m always misunderstood when I speak up and even when I don’t. It has affected me in more ways than one. I have taken a step back and started maintaining a distance again between myself and all those who are not my immediate family. I’m perhaps not the best person to advice you on what you should do. I can just say I know what you must be feeling and hugs.

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Mayuri Nidigallu July 24, 2017

    Been there and faced that, Corinne. Way too many times. So I know what you feel. Loving without expectations is a brave choice and I hope it brings you peace and clarity.

  13. Damyanti Biswas Damyanti Biswas July 24, 2017

    Hugs, Corinne. I choose to love people regardless, though it might be difficult. When I speak up, I speak up for the cause or justice, not for the person. Life has taught me the lesson of loving and giving without expectations. People will not behave as I want them to, they’ll behave as per their lives, their background, and the stage of the life and spiritual journey they’re at.

  14. Shalini (@kohleyedme) Shalini (@kohleyedme) July 24, 2017

    I’d say you must. That quote you shared will inspire anyone who is doubtful. Thank you for sharing this bold reminder. Love is truly greater than our fears.

  15. Bhavya Bhavya July 24, 2017

    Oh Corinne, hugs. I know how that feels. It’s okay to feel hurt, but I hope you heal fast. Forgive those people for what they’ve done, but I guess we should remember the lesson the next time we make ourselves vulnerable.

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