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Sangeeta’s Mango Mania

In case you thought that Sangeeta ‘desserted’ us – she has! My mouth is watering even as I share her delightful recipe with you. I hope you get mangoes in your part of the world – if you don’t, you seriously need to consider moving!! 😉

May you be inspired – everyday!

Hello everyone at Everyday Gyaan! It appears that  I need another dose of gyaan (read ‘bashing’ ) to bring myself to discipline and be on time for something as important as a dessert!  I apologize for the delay but this fruit of the season (summer in India) will surely bring a smile, a bright sunshine smile! 
This is what happens when you combine the three things you love…. Absolute ambrosia ….. Mangoes and a rich yogurt made with reduced milk (called mishti doi ), topped with thin slivers of aam paapad (a mango fruit leather). 
If you get good quality mishti doi in your part of the world ready on the shelves, there’s nothing like it . In Delhi, we get a nice mishti doi at Mother Dairy outlets.But don’t worry if this luxury is unknown to you . I have posted a recipe of rich and creamy mishti doi here. After setting the yogurt and chilling it , you just have to assemble this gorgeous dessert in pretty glasses.

All you need for 2 – servings: .

1-2 cups of mangoes (cut in to neat cubes) 
Aam paapd cut into shreds (as much you like)
To cut the aam paapad in shreds , just hold the bar on the chopping board and cut thin slices . Then separate the layers and make noodle like slivers.
Assemble the dessert like the picture or in layers or mix up everything together as we did while eating it 🙂 
Roasted almonds also make a great addition, we like it with mishti doi when there is no mango too. 

There you go…..Start your mango mania …

~ Sangeeta

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