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The Simple Gifts of Christmas: Presence

One Christmas morning during World War II, some soldiers were walking down a road to London when they came to an orphanage. They knocked on the door and a matron explained that the children had been orphaned during the bombings in London. The soldiers visited the children, and gave them little gifts – a pencil, a stick of gum, a piece of candy. One of the soldiers saw a little fellow standing in the corner. He went up to the boy and asked, “And you little guy what do you want for Christmas?” The lad replied, “Will you hold me?” With tears brimming in his eyes, the soldier picked up the little boy and held him closely. (William B, A World of Stories)
Who are you giving your ‘presence’ to this Christmas? Think of someone who needs to be ‘held’ and be there for them. Give the greatest gift you can give – yourself.
May you be inspired – everyday!


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