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Thanks and apologies – again

Please ‘bear’ with me – this is going to be a longish post. I’ve not been replying to your many, encouraging comments because my time at the computer has been somewhat restricted. I will explain why.
A few months back, I went for what I thought was a routine eye checkup, only to be told that I had cataract in both eyes! After the initial shock – at my age, etc (!) – I was quite cool about it. (Incidentally, I’ve been told that it’s nothing to worry about and many people in their thirties and forties have cataract these days). Two weeks back I had the first of two surgeries and all has gone fine – just that I still have a problem adjusting to the new lens until I get my new spectacles. Next week, I hope to have the second eye operated and am looking forward to enjoying reading and writing again.
One of the things I learned was that I could schedule blog posts in advance so as to be published in my ‘absence’ – worked great. However, I’ve been unable to acknowledge your many comments, responses and all the encouragement, for which I’m always grateful. So I’m starting today to respond – my apologies for the delay.
Through this blog I’ve made some really good connections – so many of you write blog yourselves that always inspire me to continue. Some time ago I found a poem which I published – here’s another one – quite similar, but equally nice. It’s just a thank you from me to you dear reader.
Lord please bless my computer

God, thank you for the many things
You’ve done for me today,
And please bless all our children
And watch them on their way.
But God there’s just something
I must ask you to do,
Would you please bless my ‘puter
And keep it working too?
I know that’s not a normal request
As it’s just a piece of metal
But if you’ll listen just tonight,
I’ll try to explain a little.
That metal box that’s sitting here
Holds more than odds and ends.
Inside those small components
Are hundreds of loving friends.
Some I have not seen before
Except upon my screen,
But we have talked and shared a lot
And they listen to my dreams.
The kindness that they give to me
From this box that’s sitting here,
Is the friendship that I treasure
And to me that’s very dear.
Some I do not know their name
It’s just ID’s I see.
But you see God, all these people
Mean the world to me.
Sometimes we see their name flash up
As they connect to ICQ.
And then we know that we can share
Our troubles many or few.
When we are sitting at our desks
It never seems to fail,
A little icon then comes up,
It says that “You’ve got mail”.
It is by faith I know them
Much the same as I know you.
I share my life and they with me
So if its ok with you….
Please take a little extra time
From your duties up above,
To bless this little hunk of steel
That’s filled with so much love.

Thank you once again.


  1. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues July 23, 2009

    @Raja – So nice to see you here again. And thanks for the concern.

  2. Raja Swaminathan Raja Swaminathan July 5, 2009

    Hope you are recovering well, Corinne. Please give the eyes the required rest – your blog becomes secondary if it is at the cost of straining your eyes. Take care. 😉

  3. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues July 1, 2009

    @ Abe – 55 wow! that's a long time..yes, your lovely wife visits here and I'm glad to be able to visit your blogs too.@ Celtic Spirit – It isn't too bad these days with laser surgery – a 15 minute procedure – as always, the anticipation is what gets you! :)Thanks for your wishes.

  4. Celticspirit Celticspirit June 30, 2009

    What a scary thing to go through. Sending you good healing vibes. Take care of yourself. Blessings to you.

  5. Abe Lincoln Abe Lincoln June 30, 2009

    I see my wife of 54 years (soon to be 55) was here first so I will just say I was here.

  6. Corinne Rodrigues Corinne Rodrigues June 30, 2009

    Thank you everyone – your wishes, prayers and friendship mean a lot!@ Patty – Thanks so much. Am a little concerned at how you're managing with cataract. I was having major problems with bright lights – so going out alone at night was a no no! Do take care. And thanks for the wishes.@ Indy – As always – just being you no? Hope you got my e-card.@ Vidz – I'm always assured of your prayers. Thanks for all the love.@ Solilo – Yeah at 44 you think you're justing getting stronger reading glasses – but apparently it's quite common these days. Looking forward to visiting your blog soon.@ SM – Your wishes meant a lot – see you soon.@ Sushma – Thanks – yes looking forward to doing what I love. And so true how much we take for granted. Take care – the best to you and Anil@ Fathy – Thanks for the prayers- looking forward to being in touch with you. Take care@ Lisa – Thank you – how have you been – miss ya!

  7. mommytoalot mommytoalot June 30, 2009

    Hi Corrnine,praying your eyes heal quicklyLisa

  8. Fathy Fathy June 30, 2009

    Oh Corinne! that is so sad to hear! but thank god you had it done! hope you heal quickly! Will pray for you for sure!

  9. Sushma Sushma June 29, 2009

    HI Corrinne,I shall pray that you should be able to do all that you love to do very sooon.It is always said that we should not be materialistic…..etc etc…but the truth is that every thing is imp in life. A thing like computer has become a very favourite companion for so many of us….thanks for making us all realise that we must not only care for the living , but also for the non living things which make us live life fuller!!!

  10. sm sm June 28, 2009

    sorry to know about it.please take care.About visiting our blogs dont worrywe are all with you. take care and i am sure very soon you will be alright.good luck

  11. Solilo Solilo June 28, 2009

    Oh! At this age is indeed shocking.Please don't worry about visiting blogs, Corinne. Take care of yourself and come back all refreshed with bright eyes. 😀

  12. Indyeah Indyeah June 27, 2009

    you had operations ..two of them?((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))and here I was wondering where you were:(take all the time you need Corinne:))we will be right here:))All your friends:)))muahhhh!:)))and specs?so cute:DGod bless you:))))That metal box that's sitting hereHolds more than odds and ends.Inside those small componentsAre hundreds of loving friends.Some I have not seen beforeExcept upon my screen,But we have talked and shared a lotAnd they listen to my, so true Corinne :)))the poet has said it all :))And that explains the connection I have with you too:))))))(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  13. Patty Patty June 27, 2009

    Don't worry about visiting until you get your problems are taken care of. I also was told I have cataracts in both eyes, but not bad enough to require surgery. Was told this quite some time ago. And I thought only old people get those, and then realized, I was in my 60's and I was getting old, now I am older yet. LOL I go for another eye check up in July. I go once a year. I know it will be time to change the lens this year. Take care and let the eyes recuperate.

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