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The Message Of Easter

I meant to share this with you on Easter day – but wasn’t able to…I think the message of Easter is always relevant….The message of triumph over suffering and death….the ability to see beyond the obvious and the fact that faith makes all things possible. Things might not go the way we want them to but if we let go of our preconceived notions of how life should be, we see that it might turn out to be something much more than we planned. Easter reminds us that we can find meaning in all the events of our life on a daily basis!

Christ is risen. Hallelujah!

It’s not always easy, Lord,
to live that statement.
Not always easy to believe,
when it’s preached by old men in dark suits,
with faces from which the joy
has long drained away.
Like color from a well-washed shirt.
Hardly remembered.
Not easy to believe,
living in a Good Friday world.
I can believe in the cross.
The headlines in the paper shout its truth. Everyday.
The suffering. The pain.
Christ mocked and crucified. Afresh.
I stand with Thomas.
Unless I see … Handle the evidence.
Find hard-edged proof.
Lord, open my eyes.
I catch a glimmer of the resurrection
like crocus pushing through snow,
purple on white. Still cold.
I see a gleam of life in the daffodil gold,
warmer round dark trees.
And suddenly I see the resurrection-splendor
in human courage.
In love.
In the painful, glad acceptance of uncertainty.
The joyous living of today
in the shadow of death.
In lives touched by your hand.
Transformed. Turned triumphantly
to face your light.
The stone rolled away. The tomb empty.
Life ahead, beginning now.
Lord, give me the courage
to reach out
and take it.
Eddie Askew from Many Voices, One Voice

May you be inspired – everyday!


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