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This Everyday Love

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“What’s he giving you for Valentines Day?”, I’m asked. And I wonder what all the fuss is about! I do believe that it’s important that we have special days to celebrate people and anniversaries of people. And I do believe that the concept of having a day to celebrate love is rather nice too…. 
But I’m always a little skeptical about Valentine’s Day becoming something that exerts a lot of pressure on people – to spend, to have a date (even if it’s only for that day!) and to build expectations about romantic love – only to have them dashed! I’m sure that there are people out there who break up with their partners over not being treated ‘right’ on Valentine’s Day! 

It’s easy to mark the big highs and the lows in a relationship. But much more difficult to notice and record the stuff we often take for granted – this everyday love…..
He gets the coffee most mornings, let’s you sleep in sometimes, makes sure the dog’s fed, makes the tea most of the time, puts the clothes out to dry. He makes sure the fridge is stocked, cooks most Sundays – and other days too, sometimes!
He encourages you to pursue your passion and pushes you to hone your craft. He questions some decisions you make which are a drain on you. He shields you from negative criticism, at times. At other times he’s the one telling you the truth you need to hear….He makes you think…
He laughs at your madness and encourages you to be yourself. He makes you laugh and is happy to laugh at himself.
At times he irritates the hell out of you….and you return the favor. Sometimes you fight about the most ridiculous things …and sometimes serious things. But what’s important is that both of you are willing to work things out…..and see things from the other’s point of view – eventually!
You learn to understand each other’s moods and put up with each other’s  idiosyncrasies. You don’t have to live in each other’s pocket, but you do miss the other when apart!
Everyday love comes highly recommended from me…Valentine’s Day might give you a temporary high – but everyday love gives you roots and wings!
Hop on over to my friend Priya’s lovely blog at which she’s hosting  a fantastic series on love this February – Love Bytes. A lot of bloggers and non-bloggers are writing in – do go have a read. 
May you be inspired (and loved) – everyday!

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