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Via Dolorosa: The Way Of Suffering

I’m no theologian and I’m not qualified to discuss the mystery of human suffering. All I can say is – suffering exists. 
Every one of us has experienced suffering in one form or the other: in losing a loved one, in our own illnesses, in times of natural calamities, in having our dreams shattered, in various forms of abuse, in losing a fight against injustice, in being misunderstood, in not being loved. Each of has been down our own way of suffering and some of us may be on it even at this moment……
Good Friday for me is a day when I most feel the human face of God – in the weakness, the suffering, the helplessness, the pain of Jesus. The day He walked down that difficult road to his death……He was fighting his fears, struggling with his feelings of anger at the injustice of what he was going through. To have a loved one suffer on your account if one of the most difficult things to do and Jesus had to see his mother watching his painful journey. (Watch the video below or use this link)

Today, I recall that he walked where we walk…..and he triumphed over his own fears, his feelings of repulsion, his own demons, his feelings of rejection, pain and suffering and yes, even death! And I am renewed to walk my own path, come what may, and know that with God beside me I will triumph.

May you be inspired – everyday!

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