Addiction A Family Disease

addiction is a family disease

I will remember that day, that moment for the rest of my life. I walked into my Mom’s kitchen, wondering why the front door was open, when I saw them. My brother, Alan, holding a knife to my mother’s throat! I screamed long and hard and almost passed out. Alan dropped the knife and fell […]

Our Vacations Are A Gastronomical Delight

food in cherai

I don’t know about you, but part of the excitement of a good vacation for both of us is good food! While discovering the sights of the places we visit, we make sure to keep an eye out for the local food. Yes we definitely believe what James Michener said about travel: “If you reject […]

#1000Speak For Compassion


Today I join hands with bloggers around the world to take part in a fantastic initiative. #1000Speak For Compassion It all started with a post by Lizzi Rogers, entitled ‘We All Need The Village’. This was taken up by Yvonne Spence and turned into this wonderful project. Today, 20th February, bloggers are doing this:   […]

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