Stop That! #EndViolence

stop child abuse

Today, 19 November is World Day For Prevention of Abuse and Violence Against Children. The sad reality of abuse and violence against children is that it’s prevalent all the world over. Sometimes closer than we think…in our own homes even. Last year, I wrote about someone I knew who was a victim and I could […]

World Kindness Day 2014

World Kindness Day 2014

Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day. It’s a day when people around the globe perform random acts of kindness with the idea of spreading a little sunshine in a world that sometimes is dark. World Kindness Day 2014 The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation  has a number of ideas on how you can spread kindness today. […]

Things You Should Never Apologize For #MicroblogMondays

things you don't have to apologize for

A recent HuffPo article talks about 7 Things You Should Never Apologize For Going to bed early Saying no Taking a vacation Letting go of a toxic friendship Not answering that e-mail right away Snagging alone time Putting yourself first Remember Pantene’s #ShineStrong campaign video that suggests we women apologize too much? I know I’ve […]

Music and Memories

music and memories

They come to me suddenly – the words and the tune of an old forgotten song and I’m transported back in time. I could sing almost before I could talk, mostly because I was surrounded by music very young. My husband is always amazed at how I can remember so many tunes and the lyrics […]