Life has a way of lobbing curve balls at you when you don’t expect it. We’ve been dealing with a big one over the last few months and it’s sometimes hard not to get bitter about some people’s greed, their ingratitude and their meanness (I’m not at liberty to share details).

I Choose Gratitude

As always, I find it important to stay focused on all the good and abundance we do enjoy. Looking at the big picture, that’s not so difficult to do. It’s the daily nitty-gritty that is hard sometimes. Trying not to complain, grumble, assign blame are harder to do on a daily basis. Being mindful of the value of gratitude, and pausing through the day to say thanks is the best way for me to find meaning even in the most trying circumstances.

….the most important thing is to embrace the present, to love our lives today—even if there are physical and intellectual challenges—and to understand that we have the power to imbue everything that we do, every relationship we have, and every day that we live with meaning,” —James Autry, Choosing Gratitude

I’m also very clear that being appreciative of what I have, must not stop me from realizing when I’m being treated badly. Being grateful doesn’t equal being a doormat. I continue to experience and acknowledge my negative feelings and be assertive, but see it all through the lens of gratitude.

I choose gratitude today and every day.


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Everyday Gratitude is a newish feature on Everyday Gyaan – a post on gratitude that will appear here every 2nd Saturday of the month. You’re welcome to share your list of gratitudes in the comments here. If you share your gratitude posts in the comments and on Twitter with the hashtag #everydaygratitude, I promise to share your posts on social media.