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Posts published in “Authenticity”

Beautiful Blooms #FridayReflections

It’s hard not to stop and admire beauty. And thanks to the ubiquitous mobile cameras, it only takes a minute to snap beautiful blooms like the ones below to savour at a later date. Flowers are flowers and we would be silly to compare them and say ‘This one more…

Disconnected #FridayReflections

DisconnectedThat’s what I feelSome days.DisconnectedThat’s what I want to beSometimes.Away from the madnessAway from the stressSteering clear of issuesKeeping away from peopleHiding out in my ivory castle.DisconnectedThat’s what I need to beTo keep my feelings intactAnd my heart from being brokenTime and again.   But being disconnectedIs not how I’m…

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