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Posts published in “Kindness”

Kindness Is Simple #WorldKindnessDay

November 13 was  World Kindness Day. I’m happy to report that despite news to the contrary, kindness is alive and well. After all, kindness is simple. Christine Carter, Author, Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents shares 3 simple ways to be kind. Find Small Ways…

What If We Scatter? #MondayMusings

What if we scatter? Possessions. Awards. Photographs. Experiences. Stories. Books. Money……. We gather them. Hoard them even. “These are what define me,” I might say. “Without them there can be no ‘me’ or ‘you'”, you add. So on we go gathering, until there’s no space left. We either learn to…

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