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Go Find Your Smile

Go find your smile. What’s that all about you wonder? I haven’t lost my smile you say. But I think we all do from time to time. Or at least, I do.

For the last two days, there have been problems with my internet service provider.

(Does this explain why I’m unable to answer all your fantastic comments? Not completely. First I got busy. Then I got lazy. And the my internet service provider decided to act up. So my apologies – I will respond as soon as I can.)

Go Find Your Smile

My NaBloPoMo plans have taken a back seat. I’m not complaining really. I believe that I’ve been given a gift. The gift of time off the internet. I need that. I need the time to organize myself to write better, to write more.

Talking about gifts – they do come in various packages, don’t they? I’ve realized that the times I’m feeling low and unhappy with myself or with certain situations, are he times I’ve been given a gift. They are really times for me to review my choices – to make decisions that will change the way I feel and more importantly set me back on course towards being more authentic.

Watching this clip from the movie ‘City Slickers‘, I appreciate what it took for the wife to give her husband (Billy Crystal) a gift of time to go find himself or as she says: ‘Go find your smile.’

Are you doing something today that will bring a smile to your face? If not, go find your smile.

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