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The Eyes Don’t Lie: Surprising Ways Body Language Can Detect Dishonesty

Trust is a vital factor in any relationship, especially a romantic one. If you can’t rely on your partner, you can’t feel safe with them physically or emotionally. Women want a man who is honest, but sometimes it can be hard to tell the fact from fiction, so here are some tips for women on how to tell when a man is being dishonest just by reading his body language.

The Eyes Don’t Lie: Surprising Ways Body Language Can Detect Dishonesty

Eye Contact: It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and they can certainly be very revealing at times, particularly when someone’s not telling the truth. Most people think that if people don’t hold much eye contact then they’re not telling the truth. In fact the opposite is true. According to Psychology Today, a person who is lying will take care to hold more deliberate eye contact.

Steady Breathing: Often when a person is lying, you will notice them breathing heavily. When people are being dishonest, their blood flow and heart rate change; becoming faster. They breathe more heavily as though they are out of breath. If your partner is breathing steadily when he is speaking to you, he is probably telling the truth.

Steady Voice: It’s important to be familiar with how your partner normally speaks, in terms of speed, tone and timbre. If he’s being dishonest, his voice will most probably be unsteady and the tone may be uneven.

Nose Touching: Some researchers and analysts believe that repeated nose touching while talking is a sign of lying.

Throat Covering: When people are lying, their hands are drawn to protect the vulnerable parts of their body, such as their throat chest or abdomen. Someone who is being absolutely honest will not have the compulsion to do so.

Blinking Rate: If someone is telling the truth, their rate of blinking stays constant. If they are lying, they will blink more rapidly with an uneven rhythm. Read this to answer the question why do men lie.

Fake Smile: You can tell a genuine smile because it engages the eyes. A fake smile is usually a sign of dishonesty. So keep an eye on your partner’s grin.

Hand Wringing: Rubbing or wringing the hands is another sign that someone may be lying. Other signs of dishonesty include twisting a ring or bracelet, and rubbing the back of the neck or rubbing the palms on their pant legs. People often tend to fidget when they are lying, so look out for tell-tale signs like pen clicking or foot tapping.

Micro-gestures: These facial expressions can be so fleeting that they go unnoticed. If you are not super observant they can flash across your partner’s face without you being able to spot them. The best time to catch them is to watch the facial expression that remains on their face when they have finished talking. You might spot a quick eye roll or a mouth twist which gives the game away.

Head Movements: If you’ve just asked your partner a direct question, and he makes a sudden, jerking head movement before answering you, odds on he’s lying. He may jerk his head back, or to the side, or bow it down.

Standing Still: Although fidgeting is a common sign of dishonesty, standing perfectly still is another dead giveaway. If your partner has a rigid posture and looks like a mannequin while he’s talking to you, chances are he’s trying to hide something.

Feet Shuffling: If your partner is standing and you think he’s lying, check out his feet. If he doing a soft shoe shuffle, he’s most likely lying. According to analysts, it’s a sign that he wants to walk away from the confrontation.

Pointing Finger: Liars tend to do a lot of finger pointing when they are talking. This is because a liar will often have defensive or hostile feelings and he is trying to turn the tables on you.

People lie all the time, some more than others. There are many reasons why people lie, some of them include fear, manipulation and pride. Sometimes people lie to avoid hurting someone’s feeling or because they want to serve their own purposes. A lie can sometimes even appear to be unintentional. However, lying can become very destructive and can ruin a perfectly good relationship. Keep abreast of your partner’s body language when he’s talking to you, that way you will always be able to catch him out when he’s lying.


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  2. Rajlakshmi Rajlakshmi July 14, 2017

    I am really bad at noticing these things . I take people by their word… But that’s not always advisable. Will keep these points in mind… And maybe just an experiment it will be fun to observe other people talking too.

  3. Balaka Balaka July 14, 2017

    That is a good guide to detect cheaters…helpful post indeed..

  4. Nabanita Dhar Nabanita Dhar July 14, 2017

    You know I used to watch Mentalist where the protagonist always made inferences based on body language and I loved that. In fact, I try to notice these things in people. Sometimes I’m right too. Have read many psychological thrillers where these nuances are often critical to the plot. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is whatever you have listed here is a fact. If you notice carefully, you’ll know if the person in front of you is genuine or not, speaking the truth or not.

  5. Sheila Qualls Sheila Qualls July 13, 2017

    Love this. I believe body language speaks loudly. The eyes don’t lie. Neither do the feet or the hands or the . . . LOL.

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