Pay It Forward. I love that phrase! April 30 is Pay It Forward Day – a chance for you to spread kindness in your corner of the world.

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. – Wikipedia

Better explained here –

How do I thank Mr. Jonas, he wondered, for what he’s done? How do I thank him, how pay him back? No way, no way at all. You just can’t pay. What then? What? Pass it on somehow, he thought, pass it on to someone else. Keep the chain moving. Look around, find someone, and pass it on. That was the only way…. – Ray Bradbury, in Dandelion Wine

The phrase gained popularity in recent times when Catherine Ryan Hyde’s play by the same name was turned into a motion picture in which a young boy attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher gives him that chance.

Check the Pay It Forward Organisation website for ideas on how we take this movement forward. Volunteer. Spread the word.

And here are 50 easy Pay It Foward Day Kindness Ideas for us to try on April 30 and thereafter.
Pay it Forward Day

Let’s spread kindness – every day!


I’m undertaking the NaBloPoMo for April – the theme is ‘grow’ and the Ultimate Blog Challenge