Becoming Aware : How to Re-pattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life
Lisa Garr
Hay House
ISBN 9781401947262

becoming aware

Book Description

Lisa Garr wants you to stop going through the motions in life. She wants you to become aware. Her mission on her internationally syndicated radio program, The Aware Show—and now in her first book—is to inspire positive growth in all areas of life and bring conscious conversations into everyone’s living room.

Lisa’s own story is remarkable. Several years ago, she suffered a traumatic brain injury during a freak biking accident that rendered her unable to speak or rely on her short-term memory. She not only used cutting-edge EEG techniques to heal, but also set out to live a different life than the one she was leading in her pre-accident days. Lisa used this experience as a wake-up call and decided to transform in every way possible, including marrying her true love and giving birth to their daughter.

Today, the woman who couldn’t even say a few words is a radio and Internet sensation with a massively growing audience and multimedia platform. Now she brings the lessons she has learned from countless interviews with inspirational, spiritual, and new-thought leaders to the pages of this book. She discusses how she’s applied them to her own life, and explains how you can, too.

The author

Lisa Garr

Since 1999, Lisa Garr has hosted a popular program on Pacifica Radio Network (KPFK) called The Aware Show. Based on her desire to live in a more conscious world, Lisa created The Aware Show to feature best-selling authors and experts in the fields of natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth, and

With a background in the healing arts, she is considered an expert herself in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming. Lisa also hosts a show on Hay House Radio called Being Aware and a series for Gaiam TV called Gaiam Inspirations.

She is a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM, syndicated in over 500 stations around the world, and has one of the largest telesummit series on the Internet. Combined, she reaches millions of listeners globally every month.

My review: [rating=4]

I am big on awareness. I consider it to be the start of pulling yourself out of a mess, or moving towards becoming the person you were meant to be. Awareness is the first step towards authenticity, in my book.

In Becoming Aware, you will find inspiration and motivation to look at your own life more closely and find all the beauty that surrounds you. The book will help you to connect with your own desires and using what Lisa refers to as ‘awarisms‘, you can become more and more attuned with yourself.



In this excerpt from Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life , Lisa gives us a few of her steps to De-stress:

Aware and Not Stressed Out

We’ve all read countless stories that stress is bad for our health and leads to weight gain, heart disease, and a host of other emotional and physical issues. We’re told to reduce our stress, which sounds like a solid idea, but how does one accomplish that in this crazy-busy world?

Personally, I don’t let things linger too long or nag at me. The idea is to make each moment and each conversation complete before moving on to the next one so that I don’t let things carry over to the end of the day, where stress often compounds.

When it comes to stress, take small steps and deal with things as they come—try not to carry all of it to the end of the day. Instead, resolve as many things as possible, and move on to be fully present in the next moment.

Have a “let it go” chalkboard (or eraser board) and write down all the negative things that happen. Then read them aloud before erasing them. The latest neuroscience research conducted by Professor Mark Waldman says that putting those negative things out in the open desensitizes you to those particular issues and then causes you to be done with them.

Find what it takes for you personally to let go of your stress and incorporate that into your daily routine. I like to take naps, go out in nature, or be in a deep state of gratitude.

Realize that life will present challenges. Look for core-issue feelings in order to acknowledge what is really bothering you.

If you dwell or fixate, then that will take up all of your energy and bandwidth. It’s fine to say to yourself, “This stinks. This hurts.” Recognize the unfairness, hurt, and unkindness, and then realize that your need for consideration wasn’t met. Don’t ignore it, stuff it down, or put it away for another day. Release it.

I received this book from Hay House via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.