I’ve been meaning to write about how we got Lucky for ages now. Today’s prompt nudged me to publish this.

How We Got Lucky

First sightings

One November evening, I set out to take Pablo for a walk. As I was leaving,  José warned me to avoid a particular area of our housing colony, because Pablo had been ‘accosted’ earlier that day by a little puppy, that we estimated was about two months old. Now I love puppies and didn’t heed his warning. So as we approached this area, one little ball of fur came darting out at Pablo. And naturally he lunged for it. But this little one ran off, then came back again, teasing him, since he was on leash. While it was funny to watch, it wasn’t fun trying to control a big, mad boxer!

A few evenings later, we found her wandering around again, darting around and were worried that she’d (we didn’t know her gender – another part of the story) get run over. We realised that this little stray kept wandering into the colony and the watchman was taking care of her. We’d find her playing all by herself, until she saw one of the dogs in the colony being taken for a walk! We saw several children playing with her too.

Lucky to get her back

I decided to take pictures of her and ask around social media if anyone would like to adopt her. When I went to take a picture (the featured image here), she came right up to me, yapping away and wagging her tail. But sat and posed when I told her to! That’s when I really fell in love with her.

I knew my Mum had been wanting a dog for ages and this tough little thing seemed just the one for her. However, given my parents age we were not sure how this would work out. I discussed it with my father and we agreed that they would keep her. We were pretty clear that we didn’t want a second dog, so I would look for someone to adopt her, if things didn’t work out for my parents.

But when we went to bring her to my parents, she was missing. We realized that one of the dog owners had complained about her and the watchman gave her away to a young boy who worked in the colony. I was suspicious of whether the boy was instructed to dump the dog and asked him to bring her back. We sent Dad’s driver with him and brought her back. Thank God we did – she came back scared and screaming in pain! I think some kids had attacked her and her back was hurt. An immediate visit to the vet was undertaken and she took up residence in my parents home.  José  and I would visit her regularly and made sure she got her shots.

I wanted her to be named Lucky , because of a Hallmark movie I had watched about an adopted dog called Lucky, but my parents had other ideas.

But her stay with my parents didn’t last long!

We discovered that ‘he’ was a ‘she’ and my parents were not comfortable keeping a female pup. The clincher was when my brother, who had been away when we got her, realized that his plans to keep his dog with my parents for a couple of weeks wouldn’t work out. His dog, at the time, was not comfortable with other dogs. When my Mom started threatening to give her back to the same young boy (crazy, but true), we decided to bring her to our place and keep her until we found a home for her.

1st December 2015 is when we (and she) got Lucky!

We were a little skeptical about how Pablo would take to her, but she charmed (and bullied) her way into his heart like she did ours. He would drag her by her leash and she would fall asleep cuddled up with him.


All my attempts to get her adopted came to naught. My brother offered to take her to his farm but we decided to send her there after the winter was over. But by the time the winter was over, I was not ready to let her go. We agreed to keep her and so happy that we did.

I can hardly believe that she’s been with us for a year and a half. She continues to be the baby of the family and get away with all kinds of mischief. If there ever was a quote that fits our girl it would be this one.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream




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