A few days ago, I went to a party hosted by a friend. My friend works with a company which is into multi-level-marketing of cosmetic products. As part of their business model, a group of ladies are invited for a get together. The agenda of the meeting is fun and business. So, along with some fun games and activities, details of the cosmetics are shared with the group.

We were a group of 15 women who were meeting each other for the first time and our hostess was the only common link between us, so introductions were in order. The hostess asked us to introduce ourselves.

The round of introductions started.The first woman told us that she was a working woman and gave us details of her family. The second one talked about having some past working experience. The third one said, “I am just a housewife…”. The next lady said, “I am also a housewife and I don’t do anything…”

These two statements “I am just a housewife” and “I am also a housewife and I don’t do anything” kept reverberating in my head! How could they say such a thing, I wondered? Why didn’t these women pride themselves on being homemakers? Do they believe that being a housewife is not as cool as being a working woman?

We all know about the critical role of a homemaker in ensuring the smooth functioning of any home. Working 24×7 as a mother, daughter, wife-cum-alarm-clock, cook, maid, teacher, waiter, nanny, nurse, security officer, counselor, comforter… and much more, without any salary or holidays!! A woman is the central part of the family. Leave a home without her being around for a day or so and the whole ship will barely manage to stay afloat. How could they not know this?

I believe these thoughts come when one is suffering from low self-esteem. But why would a person who is the focal point around which everything in the home revolves have low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. ~ Maxwell Maltz

They say, low self-esteem is due to
Own thoughts and outlook : Perhaps the housewives don’t value their own opinions and views. They might have no confidence in their skills or abilities.

How other people behave with you : Since they don’t take pride in themselves, the others around are quick to take them for granted. And this must be certainly affecting their relationship with their spouses and/or kids or those around.

Their experiences : Maybe they fear failure and thus don’t try new things, skills…

Culture and society : Since, the 24×7 work/care they provide in their homes in not monetized, their efforts are not valued. A working woman gets more ‘Likes’ as compared to a homemaker!


I believe, a homemaker’s contribution in a family is irreplaceable. She should be aware of her role and contribution and should be proud of that too.

Self-esteem is as important to our well-being as legs are to a table. It is essential for physical and mental health and for happiness. ~ Louise Hart

How can this low self-esteem turn into healthy self-esteem? I guess, like everything else, it starts with “I” or “Self”. One need to answer, β€œHow do I feel about who I am?” It is about channelizing the power of one’s thoughts and beliefs to change how one feels about self.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Gautam Buddha

Go on woman, love yourself!!

Β shilpa garg

A former pharmaceutical professional-turned-soft-skills facilitator for corporates, Shilpa Garg blogs at A rose is a rose is a rose!