The myth of creativity that most of us are happy to continue believing is that inspiration strikes at any old time. And that all creative people have licence to be disorganized and haphazard in their living.

Not so.

Mason Currey in his popular book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work shows research to prove that many famous artists followed consistent schedules.

The famous psychologist William James says that habits and schedules are necessary because “they free our minds to advance to really intersting fields of action.”

I’ve found that when my mornings are better organized, then I’m not scrambling from one task to another. A better start to the day ensures that I don’t fall into bed at night thinking that I’ve accomplished nothing through the day. Those are days too when I’m at my creative best.

Remember my post about the first 10 minutes of the morning? It seems that some of what I’ve shared is filtering into my life. But I know I still have to be more disciplined about my mornings inorder to be more creative and productive through the day.

make over your mornings

Make Over Your Mornings

I’ve just signed up for Crystal Paine’s  (of Make Over Your Mornings course. It promises to help me with productivity, to streamline my days, make time to cultivate my soul and more!  The course has a three-fold approach: a chapter to read, a video to watch, and a project to complete – all of which will take no more than 15 minutes! I did the first module today and am excited to continue.

Some of the topics covered in the 14-day course include:

  • Discovering why a well-planned morning revolutionizes your whole day
  • Establishing bedtime routines
  • Designing a morning routine centered on your biggest priorities
  • Goal-setting
  • Setting up a task management system
  • Prioritizing exercise and healthy breakfasts
  • Creating internal and external motivators
  • Establishing accountability
  • Battling lies
  • Building stamina when things get tough

There’s a great offer on the course just now. So if you’re interested, go over to and get the course for yourself.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and you do likewise. Deal?