I’m not very good at completing blogging challenges. But today, I’m commiting to creating one and hoping that because I’m responsible to make it happen, I might actually complete it. Doesn’t sound encouraging enough for you?

Don’t worry it will be. I promise!

The deets for the September Blogging Challenge

All you need to do is:

  1. Commit to blogging 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) through September. Okay, so I know that we all slip up and there might be days that you will skip it, but let’s commit to it and take it from there, shall we?
  2. Fill in this form that will capture your name, your blog URL and your Twitter handle.
  3. Start planning your posts and schedule, in advance as many of them as you can.
  4. Add your links to the day’s linky on Everyday Gyaan and visit and comment on the posts of atleast three other participants.

What I will commit to:

  1. Encouraging you to blog through September.
  2. Creating a linky for every day of  the September Challenge on Everyday Gyaan.
  3. Sharing with you some ideas for posts via a prompt page.
  4. Tweeting all your posts through the month.
  5. Having a separate blog sharing thread in the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Facebook Group. If you’re not a member, you can request to join and I’ll let you in.

Fair deal?

september blogging challenge

What are you waiting for then? 🙂  Sign up here today!

If you have questions ask them in the comments here below or use the contact form.

If you’re taking part in this challenge and blogging through the month, you might like to consider signing up for these two challenges as well.

  1. September’s NaBloPoMo with it’s lovely theme of  ‘Lessons’.
  2. Sarah and Kevin Arrow’s 30 Day Challenge. Do check the link to see what a blogging challenge can do for you.

Looking forward to a challenging September with you!