If you had a choice, what day would you live over?

It’s a question that I came across somewhere and one that I’m struggling to find an answer to. Would I choose a day that I was the happiest? Should I choose a day in which I was at my lowest? Can I choose a day when I made my worst error of judgement?

I find it hard to choose the day I was the happiest ever. I’ve had so many happy times, that it gets difficult to find one that I’d like to relive.

It’s hard too to want to live over the day I was at my lowest. When I did hit rock bottom is the day that I started to work towards making one of the wisest choices in life.  That too is the day that I discovered the power of grace and gratitude. So really my lowest day would also be, in many ways the best day of my life!

I’m guessing I would choose the day I made my worst error of judgement? But honestly, that day was the culmination of a series of bad choices.  Little decisions. Hubris. Thinking I had it all together. So it cannot be one particular day. And having decided that I’m not going to look back with regret on my choices, it just doesn’t make sense to do that any way.

What Day Would You Live Over?

It’s now 10.08 pm on a Monday evening, and pondering this question, I begin to wonder if I would choose today, as the day to live over. Once again, the answer is no. I’ve reached the end of this day entirely satisfied with what I did with it.

I’m thinking, that if someone were to offer me a day to live over, I’ll say, ‘No, thank you. But could I trade the do over for an extra day at the end of my life?’ That’s the one day I’d like to live completely mindful of all the blessings I’ve received.  I can hear a soft voice in my head saying, why wait for the trade in…….?



If you had a choice to live ONE day over, what day would it be? Why?

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