I’m not sure whether you are old enough to remember a television show called ‘What’s The Good Word‘. We had an Indian version too that was fun to watch. I know I loved watching because I’ve always enjoyed word games. I wish we’d have more television shows like it. But then, if we do I wouldn’t know, because I no longer have television (that’s the subject of a completely different post!).

What Is Your Word?

I’m sure you know that every year a few words are introduced into the dictionary. I clearly remember gasping when Beyonce’s ‘bootylicious’ made its entry! (If you don’t believe me check here.)

I was thrilled when I came to realize that the Oxford English Dictionary now has created a search tool for you to find out the word that was introduced the year you were born. Imagine, a word in your honour!

Wouldn’t you like to go and find what your birth year word is?

But before you set off to check, let me tell what my word is. I had a good laugh when I saw what it was, because I’ve never used the word in all my life.

My word is ‘bada-bing’!

It’s an interjection ‘Suggesting something happening suddenly, emphatically, or easily and predictably’.

The orgin : Probably imitating the sound of a drum roll; popularized by the US television series The Sopranos.

 I don’t see myself using it any time soon. Have you ever used it?

I had to check what José’s ‘word’ was – it’s a phrase – ‘artificial intelligence’.

In 1925, the year my Dad was born – yes, he’s 90 years old – the word introduced was ‘freebie’.  Honestly, I’ve never heard that word being used until recently and had no idea that it has been in use for so long.


While we’re talking about birth year words, it might be a good idea to look at some famous last words.

“What the devil do you mean to sing to me, priest? You are out of tune.” – Composer Jean-Philippe Rameau objecting to the priest singing at his bedside.

It seems like Sir Isaac Newton had a lot to say while dying : “I don’t know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

“Bring me a bullet-proof vest.”– James W. Rodgers, a convicted murderer while facing the firing squad.

Groucho Marx had to say something funny. He said: “This is no way to live.”

And the other Marx, Karl, was pretty hilarious too: “Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”

Now that I know what my ‘birth word’ is, I’m wondering if my last words will be – hopefully not something bada-ding!

Find your word here. Since the writer of  this article did much of the work already, you might like to check it first.

Do share your word and what you feel about it in the comments.

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