Which do you prefer – perfect, shop-bought flower arrangements or the sight of wildflowers? I’m partial to wild flowers – not much symmetry, unusual combinations of colors and often found in the most unexpected of places. I love to see a wild flower peeping out between two rocks – it always seems that they’re defying the terrain and proving that beauty can be found everyplace.

Wildflowers at California Poppy Reserve

While I accept the lack of symmetry, the unusual and the unexpected, in the wildflowers, I was reflecting whether I do the same about life. I often try to ‘tame’ life and yet it does bring me the unexpected. And though at times the unexpected is lovely, it isn’t always pleasant. Often I fail to see the beauty in things that come my way – I feel ‘stuck between the rocks’. I need to look deep inside to ‘defy the terrain’ and find the beauty deep within myself.

A prayer for today:

Lord, help me to grow as the wildflowers grow
be it a meadow or a crack in cement.
Despite the terrain, be it good or bad,
let me know I am there by intent.

Instead of my sadly complaining within
regarding life’s rough terrain,
May my face, too, look upward to you
through seasons of drought and rain.

Help me to bloom as the wildflowers bloom,
regardless of where I am placed;
wherever the spot You plant me, Lord,
let the air there be sweet with Your grace.

Someday a tired pilgrim may stop to rest
from carrying his heavy load
And thank my Creator for placing me there
to brighten that spot in life’s road.
~ Kitty Chappell

Life is truly beautiful if we accept it just the way it comes and respond to it with the inner resources that we have all been richly gifted with. Let the wildflowers thrive!

May you be inspired – everyday!

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