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Lighting My Kindle March 2013

Wintergreen Shabbat

Let books be your dining table,
And you shall be full of delights
Let them be your mattress
And you shall sleep restful nights.
~Author Unknown

The Ides of March have come and gone and nothing untoward has happened as far as my reading is concerned! I’m 5 books ahead of my target and still feel I haven’t been reading much.

Talking about the Ides of March, got me thinking of the wonderful time of studying Shakespeare’s  Julius Caesar,  in school. I can’t believe that I can still recite several passages from it by heart and not remember the name of someone I met two days ago!

March also means St Patrick’s Day and it makes me think of the Irish and all the lovely Irish authors I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid – thanks to my aunt who introduced me to them.  Catherine Cookson, Maeve Binchy and more recently Cecelia Ahern are just some of the Irish authors I’ve enjoyed. When Maeve Binchy passed away last year I was so sad. I immediately downloaded her last book Minding Frankie. But I must confess I haven’t read it yet – thinking I would save it – because once I’ve read this I’ve read them all. Now I hear she had one book published posthumously – A Week in Winter. So I can start reading  Minding Frankie soon and keep another one in the ‘to-read’ section.

What Is Lighting My Kindle Now

Incidentally,  The Color Purple that I mentioned last month was  an absolutely fantastic read – as good as the movie. Highly recommended.

I received ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy) of quite a few books via NetGalley for review. Here are some of those I’ve completed this month.

I read  and reviewed Just Breathe (Random Romance). It was  humorous and yet touching story.

My first Jude Deveraux novel True Love (Nantucket Brides Trilogy)  was rather entertaining – albeit rather long drawn out. The review will be up soon.

The one that really touched me deeply was Love Water Memory. Will write that review soon.

Imperfect Pairings was rather disappointing.  Don’t even want to write about it, but I must.

Now here’s something interesting.  Sit up and take note.

As you might have read in some other posts of mine, I absolutely love reading Alan Cohen. When I came across Linden’s Last Life: The Point of No Return Is Just the Beginning, I knew I had to have it.  I came across CupoNation, a company that offers fantastic coupons for e-retailers. I found some great coupons for Flipkart here, and got a fantastic discount on the book.  I’m going to start reading it next week.

What are you reading? Any recommendations?




  1. Andrea Andrea March 27, 2013

    Great post! I’m going to have to check out The Color Purple – sounds like a great read!

  2. C. Suresh C. Suresh March 21, 2013

    Ah! The one quote from ‘Julius Caesar’ that reverberates in my mind is “Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed that he has grown so great” whenever I look into the mirror – suitably exchanging Suresh for Caesar, of course!

    I am still on paperbacks and for the past couple of days re-reading the books of Dick Francis – pretty low-brow I know but, what can I say, my brow IS low ๐Ÿ™‚
    C. Suresh recently posted..A typical(?) Group DiscussionMy Profile

  3. Martha Orlando Martha Orlando March 20, 2013

    I love hearing about what you’re reading, Corinne! I’ve been so busy keeping up with my book, Lenten devotions for my church, and my own blog, not to mention all the others I read, I haven’t broken out a new book. However, I am still plugging away at reading the Bible cover to cover. That has been and is an awesome adventure!
    Blessings to you!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..It Says It All, Doesn’t It?My Profile

  4. Anne Anne March 20, 2013

    Thanks for the heads-up with these books, Corinne. I haven’t read many of them. Although, I also love many of Shakespeare’s and The Color Purple. They’re all fantastic reads.
    Anne recently posted..Self-Confidence In YouMy Profile

  5. Rachna Rachna March 20, 2013

    Impressive Corinne! Keep up the good work. I am currently reading two books — Outliers and Man’s Search for Meaning! My reading time is taking a hit these days, but I am trying to make amends.
    Rachna recently posted..Teenage Children and Parental ControlMy Profile

  6. Bella Bella March 20, 2013

    Corinne, would you believe that I’ve resisted buying a Kindle because I simply can’t give up the smell of a book and the lovely action of turning its pages? How are you enjoying yours? Oh my, you’ve been busy! I can’t believe you think you haven’t read enough. I started reading “The Weird Sisters” but my current health troubles aren’t helping. Would you believe that my acute bronchitis turned into pneumonia? I’m having such difficulty drawing a breath! As I write, I’m propped up on five pillows! So wonderful to read your blog again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bella recently posted..Could this be the best kept secret?My Profile

  7. Roshni Roshni March 19, 2013

    Thanks so much for the book recommendations! I checked Minding Frankie on Amazon and hope to order it soon!! Hard used copy….still haven’t adapted to the Kindle, unfortunately!
    Roshni recently posted..Equality and diversityMy Profile

  8. Loy Loy March 19, 2013

    Nice selection of books and authors. Can’t say I’ve ever read Jude Deveraux, but I love Debbie Macomber. Thanks for sharing!
    Loy recently posted..A Baby Boomer Disses Gross TVMy Profile

  9. AdrianaIris AdrianaIris March 19, 2013

    Can’t wait to read some of your recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

  10. umashankar umashankar March 19, 2013

    Corinne, that is a charming quote. Recommendations? You have the God’s plenty already!

    I am reading Mikhail Shishkin’ Maidenhair.

  11. Ruchira Ruchira March 19, 2013

    I am reading Himalayas by Michael Pallin. I simply love travelogues. I just finished Remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro. I haven’t read much of thr Irish Authors – But I think I will now !

  12. Harleena Singh Harleena Singh March 19, 2013

    You know my answer to your question Corinne!

    None!! I’ve just got no time to read anything, and I feel so so horrid about it too because I know how much I used to read when I was in school and college. Those were the good old days….though sadly they just seem to have all gone.

    I marvel at you for having covered so much where reading is concerned, and I know good readers make good writers – and you are a perfect example of that my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll bookmark your page when I want to start it up again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Harleena Singh recently posted..14 Ways to Take Care of Elderly PeopleMy Profile

  13. G Angela G Angela March 19, 2013

    I just completed the e book corinne on panic disorders, it was very informative – (I took long time to read, handling home, work, exams and now my daughter’s transition to the next class and power cuts) I wrote a blog thanking both of you, the author and yourself.
    I am very happy to read what you post, and it is very enlightening to see, how beautifully you are evolving yourself as an inspirational writer ! thanks for sharing ! I love every post of yours !!

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