What were you doing on that fateful day of September 11, 2001? I know, even though I live in far away India, I can recall every single thing that happened around me when I heard the news of the terrible attack on America. I can feel the shock and horror right to this day. Truly, the world has never been the same since that day.

Imagine, if on the morning of 9/11, your 11-year-old daughter excitedly boards a plane for a National Geographic field trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary in Santa Barbara, California. You’re a little worried, but mostly proud of your little girl being chosen to participate in one of America’s premier undersea projects – the Sustainable Seas Expedition.

Then you hear the shocking news of the Twin Towers coming down, planes being hijacked – and you begin to wonder where your little girl’s plane might be. Hours later you realize that the plane she was on was crashed into the Pentagon.

That is exactly what happened to Michelle and Clifton Cottom, parents of 11-year-old Asia, on that tragic day. In the words of Michelle:

How does one prepare oneself to hear the news that hijackers took over your daughter’s plane and smashed it into a building? In America, no one is taught how to deal with that type of horror. There are no textbooks or classes. When it happens you have to start the healing process the best way you know how.

This is a story of a little girl whose life was so tragically cut short. It is a story of how Asia’s parents, brother and extended family fought their way out of their terrible grief.  It is a story of how one can rise from grief that threatens to consume you.  It is a story of a family who chose to channelize their grief and honor their loved one’s memory through community service and setting up a scholarship fun. It is a story of love and deep faith in God’s ways that our truly so different from our own.

This might be a difficult book for many of us to read. But I would recommend it to you. Even though it moved me to tears ever so often,it was one of the most uplifting books I’ve read in recent times.

Book Description for Asia’s New Wings

Asia Cottom lived eleven short years on this earth. Her tragic death on Flight #77 on 9/11 is forever etched in the hearts of the countless people who loved her. But her wise and influential life, her positive attitude, and profound faith in God are her true legacy.

You may love God with all your heart and soul, yet not understand what He is doing. In Asia’s New Wings, Clifton and Dr. Michelle Cottom, along with family and friends, walk beside you, sharing their thoughts and offering compassion to help you come to a place of acceptance, when trying to make sense of suffering great loss. The people in this book have learned to come to terms with what God allows, and are now in a place where they can help heal others. If you have gone—or are going through—the “valley of despair,” you will find comfort and empathy from those who care. You will also find hope and the strength to move forward as you rediscover your life.

What Asia’s parents and all those who loved her went through, healed from, and learned will bring comfort and relief to those who travel down the road of loss. Reading and experiencing Asia’s story will truly bring healing and life to all who turn these pages.


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The authors

Clifton and Michelle Cottom live in Prince George’s County, Maryland and they have one son, Isiah. The Cottoms are the co-founders and executive board members of the Asia SiVon Cottom (ASC) Memorial Scholarship Fund.


You can connect with the Cottoms on their website, on Facebook and Twitter.

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