It’s harder to be bewildered than to be clever.
Bewilderment makes us insecure, and

No longer are we……
prepared to be bewildered by the magnitude of this Universe
in awe of the Creator who made it all
amazed by the beauty of Nature
ready to wait things out and see the Universe unfold its plan…

What’s to be bewildered when we have seen it all and done it all?

No bewilderment, please.

We want……
quick answers to our questions
immediate insights into every painful situation
instant responses to our prayers.
We want a plastic God that we can mold to our image.

We think we’re clever..
And clever we may be…..
But at the cost of being wise?

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. ~ Rumi

As for me, I’m selling my cleverness (the little that I have anyway!)
I’m attempting to get rid of my too-easy answers to life’s questions and my sometimes know-it-all attitude.

I’m working on……
being amazed,
examining other opinions and
being open to other perspectives.

What about you?


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