Today is a day for some bloglovin’ over at Write Tribe. I decided to feature 4 blogs here that I’ve been reading off and on over the last year.


Cairn Rodrigues’ The Light Stealers Song

No, despite how close our names are, we’re not related. I admire Cairn for her honesty and the way she takes on life!

Cairn is a former professional chef who has taken to blogging and writing. Despite going through a series of personal difficulties in the past few months, Cairn has bravely published her book, The Last Prospecter.

Follow her on Twitter: @CairnRodrigues



Carol Cassara‘s blog : Daily Inspiration For Creating Our Best Lives

A writer, a teacher, a traveller, Carol writes everyday on a range of subjects – spirituality, food, travel, people, dogs, etc. I’ve been interacting on and off with Carol over the last few months, especially after she mentioned that she was travelling to India. Although we couldn’t meet when she visited, Carol has promised to make another trip here. Read how India changed Carol’s perspective on a few things.

Carol is working on a memoir. You can read her published work here.

Follow her on Twitter: @ccassara

Sandra Sallin‘s blog ‘Apart from My Art‘ is a wonderful showcase of her art, her photography and her writing that always inspires me. Sandra is a 70 year old professional artist and has been married for 53 years now. The story of how her mother escaped from Russia with rags on her feet caught the attention of the blogging world and Sandra was one of the Voices of The YearΒ  at the BlogHer conference of 2013.

Follow her on Twitter: @sandrasallin

laugh _lines
Vikki Claflin‘s Laugh Lines : Middle Age . Modern Marriage . Epic Fails

I love Vikki’s irreverent humour which manages to make one laugh and think at the same time. Vikki suffers from Parkinson’s Disease – and she’s learned how to deal with it by poking fun of it! Anyone who manages to write The 20 Best Things About Having Parkinson’sΒ  or shares how her husband announced to their friends ‘We Have Parkinsons’ ,is a huge winner in my book.

It’s no wonder that Vikki’s writing has been widely featured.

Follow her on Twitter: @vikkiclaflin

I’m so proud to have been able to share about these four women – all past their 40s and everyone of them fearless in their own way! I’ve told you before how much I’m enjoying midlife and when I see these women defining and redefining themselves I am inspired even more! Thank you, Cairn, Carol, Sandra and Vikki! You women are stars! πŸ™‚