In keeping with my attempts to be daring this year, I’m daring to start over with my subscriber list.

Let me explain.

I’ve been blogging since December 2007 – almost 8 years. During this time I’ve attempted in a variety of ways to grow my subscriber list. I’ve tried the Feedburner updates, Aweber and Postmatic (both paid) and MailChimp. While my subscriber list went to about 400 at one time, I realized that the percentage of those actually reading my blog via the e-mail updates was very low.  I’ve looked at the reasons for this and think that these  might include (and I say this without meaning to offend any one):

  • I no longer write posts that appeal to those who signed up.
  • Too many posts.
  • Non-bloggers who signed up, but are too polite to unsubscribe.
  • Bloggers who used to be a part of my circle, but aren’t anymore.
  • Bloggers and others who’ve found more efficient ways to subscribe to my posts – via Feedly, Bloglovin’ etc.

How did I come to this conclusion? Because I’ve been every one of these reader types at some point.

For a few weeks I tried a weekly newsletter, but I must confess that I got lazy about it. Now, I’m recommitting myself to one – but with a difference.


I’m daring to start over

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to kill the list and start over from 0 subscribers. Yes, I’m daring to start over.

I’m also moving out from only blog post updates. If you’re a subscriber, you should get more than other readers, shouldn’t you? (Thanks for the nudge and the inspiration, Elena of Living With Batman).

Going forward, all subscribers will receive a weekly letter – every Sunday.

If you sign up for this letter you’ll receive a lot more than just blog updates – there’ll be news, views and links, book suggestions, recipes, discounts, challenges and exclusive subscriber giveaways (and takeaways!) – printables, e-books, etc.

You’re welcome to tell me what you would like less of and what you would like included in this letter. I promise you won’t be disappointed! (There’s always the ‘unsubscribe’ button, if you are. I promise I won’t be offended.)

Want to sign up for my weekly letter today? Fill in the form below today. (Once you’ve subscribed look out for a confirmation email from ‘Tiny Letter’.)

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