Anything Goes On Sunday – and this is a very special Sunday!  A day to celebrate grace. I am very conscious of God’s grace in my life.

I believe in these words:

“Our worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace.” — Jerry Bridges

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Friends With Benefits:

I sit back and smile when two of my blogging buddies who are blogging about various cities in the world for the A to Z Challenge, seem to have ESP. Yesterday was the third time they both blogged about the same places! However, both their journeys are different and really interesting. Do read Debbie The Doglady and Eli of Expatliv.

Also part of the A to Z challenge are these two lovely ladies, Beloo Mehra of Let Beauty Be Your Constant Ideal who is blogging about education in India and Sunila Vig of Between You and Me who is blogging about Yoga. Do visit them.

I am glad to have connected with Stephanie Faris and author whose new book 30 Days of No Gossip seems interesting. Stephanie is blogging about indulgences through the A to Z.

And then there are old favorites like Proactive Indian who always makes one ponder on simple, yet profound truths.

Don’t forget Laurel Regan’s Gratitude List.


Book Review

On Grace by Susie Orman Schnall

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Spark Press

The story:  Grace May is actually excited about turning forty in a few months. Now that her boys are both in school and she has a stimulating new writing job, the next chapter in her life can finally begin. She can’t wait to rediscover the intelligent woman buried under the layers of mother and wife. But when Grace suddenly loses her job and receives unexpected news, she stands to lose everything: her marriage, her best friend, and her sense of self. By her fortieth birthday party, Grace will realize who and what matter most. With laughter. With tears. With grace.


Entirely believable, On Grace is a fun read, which any woman having a ‘big’ birthday can identify with. However, Grace’s life gets even more complicated when she turns 40. How she handles this is really well told by Susie Schnall.  The book is fast-paced and really quite a fun read.

Thought for the week:

be a fountain not a drain
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