Hi! My name is Corinne and I am a proud homebody!  (Yes, admitting that is almost as freeing as attending an AA meeting!)

homebody : a person who likes to stay at home, especially one who is perceived as unadventurous.

It’s kind of hard for people who knew me a some 10-12 years ago to believe this to be true of me. I’ve had loads of friends offline and have been actively involved with people always. Perhaps, one early hint of my ‘homebodiness’ is the fact that I never really liked to go out for parties.

home is where my heart is

When I moved to Mumbai, post-marriage, it seemed to provide the right atmosphere for my inner homebody to show itself. I didn’t need to go out to work and found that I loved the idea. I know it’s crazy that we lived in Bandra, one of the supposedly “happening” places for a good late night out. But not for me. Thankfully, José is pretty much of an introvert, but even he finds me a little hard to understand at times.

Yes, I actually prefer my own company. Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-social, just that being an introvert, home is where I can really find solitude.

I have over a thousand friends on Facebook (mostly courtesy my blogging), but I prefer social media to meeting large groups of people in person. I can shut off social media – much more difficult to do that with real life conversations! 😉 I do meet up with friends in person, and prefer it that way, but that’s not too often and only a few people at a time. Ideally, one person at a time though. I’ll even confess there are times I’ve made a date with someone and I’m almost glad when they cancel! I’m glad when it rains really hard because I have the perfect excuse not to venture out! 😉

I love reading and home is the place that guarantees me the peace and quiet to read loads.

I’m so happy that blogging (and the fact that I’m supported by my husband) affords me the luxury of working from home.

I’m aware that I sometimes overdo the stay at home bit, I’m trying to balance going out while being a proud homebody.

Have you met anyone else like me? Are you the same? 🙂


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