Couple Playing on a Swing

Last week, I was on vacation in a lovely beach resort in Kerala, South India. My husband and I chose to take a week long break – travel directly to the destination and just spend quiet time there. It was a wonderful time and I’m glad we decided to take it easy and not rush about sight-seeing. We’ve both come back energized and with a lot of lovely memories.

This past year has been a little difficult for me as I’ve had to come to terms with a lot of issues in my past and some unnecessary ugliness that took place during the year. However, I can safely say it has also been one of my best years as I’ve done a lot of healing work and the supposedly ‘bad’ experiences worked for good – they always do.

I’ve been blogging on the NaBloPoMo theme of More/Less and today’s prompt – Memory/Memories – for Β the Write Tribe Festival of Words has inspired me to decide that in 2014 Β I will focus on making memories – happy ones with my loved ones.Β 

I remember reading a story about a well-known diplomat who kept a diary. One of his entries read: ‘Went fishing with my son today – a day wasted.’ His diary formed part of his biography that was published after his death.Β When his son read the biography, he recalled something. He checked his own diary and found that on the same day he had written: ‘Went fishing with my father today – the greatest day of my life.’



One of the most pleasant memories of our vacation was sitting every evening on the promenade at the beach and watching children and adults frolic in the water and play in the sand. People of all age groups, from various strata of society, mostly from the town nearby, taking time to create memories with their families and friends. Yes, I even saw nuns in their habits fooling around in the water (quite a shocker in conservative Kerala, I might add!). No one was concerned about getting their clothes messed up – most people were just being themselves.

2014 – more memories and less attempts at perfection!