Your Mind Is What Your Brain Does for a Living: Learn How to Make It Work for You by Steven Jay Fogel

Your default programming–the automatic choices all of us make in life without even noticing–can sabotage you, but you can learn to interrupt your self-defeating behavior and make better choices.

Readers will take away step-by-step advice they can practice immediately.

Readers will learn:

  • How default programming is formed, how it influences behavior, and how to disengage from negative programming to lead a more fulfilling life
  • What scientists have discovered about our ability to “rewire” our brain to act in ways that will make us happier
  • How to resolve long-term dysfunctional relationships that are causing stress, frustration, and pain

Put the past where it belongs–in the past. Be mindful, live in the present, and lead a fulfilling life full of possibilities!

Read an excerpt here.

Here is an short interview with Steven Fogel.


My views: I was expecting a lot more from this book, but found it contained more about the author’s personal journey than about the information I had hoped it would have.

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