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Jessica Sweet and The 9 Day Passion Project

When my blogging friend, Jessica Sweet of told me about her new project, I was excited to know more about it. I asked Jessica to share details and I’m happy that she obliged!

Jessica Sweet is a career and life coach, and before that she was a therapist and clinical social worker. She has a Master’s degree in social work and has worked in mental health and substance abuse settings for 10 years before starting her coaching practice. Jessica loves to help people find and create the work that they love to do, because no one should be doing work or living a life they don’t love!


Jessica, there are so many people out there who don’t like the work they are doing every day. I’ve read a staggering statistic that as many as 87% of people around the world don’t like their jobs, and I know so many people just feel like they are in a rut in their lives. Do you really think this can help? 


I know that people can figure out what they love to do and with The 9 Day Passion Project.  It really is a tool that can help you figure out what is meaningful to you and what you are passionate about in many areas of your life, so if you’re struggling with a job you hate but don’t know what you’d like to do better The 9 Day Passion Project will guide you through thinking about what’s important to you. But because The 9 Day Passion Project is so practical, it also helps you figure out how to make your new idea work in your life, so you can actually start doing what you love, not just dream about it.

What does the 9 Day Passion Project help people do? 

It is a tool for helping you identify what is important to you, figure out how to make room for that in your life, and identify and overcome the barriers that are going to stand in the way of you achieving that goal you want to achieve.

These are fundamental steps for setting yourself up for success in any area of your life, with anything you want to do.

The 9 Day Passion Project lays the groundwork for achieving your goals, so that you can achieve them more easily than doing them on your own. Think of it as playing a sport, but having your own superstar coach.

So if you’re not happy in your career The 9 Day Passion Project will help you get really clear on the goals around that, maybe you’ll decide your goal is to finally start a business with that hobby you love. Then you’ll work through the barriers that are in your way – what are the internal barriers like fear and guilt? The external ones like the people around you and the responsibilities you have? And The 9 Day Passion Project doesn’t just tell you to basically not worry about these things, it really helps you work through them so you get to your answer on these issues. Last, once you’re clear on your goals and you have blasted through your barriers so nothing is holding you back, you’ll figure out practical ways to fit this new goal into the life you have. So in this example you might have to figure out how to fit in this new business with transitioning from your day job, or with your marriage, or something like that.

The 9 Day Passion Project walks you through all of these steps, and it can work with any goal.

Why 9 days? Why is the 9 Day Passion Project different from other passion finding resources out there?

The course is fast because you CAN get results fast.

It will help you set your goals, make room for them in your busy life and identify and eliminate barriers, but its still going to be up to you to do the work of achieving the goals you set for yourself. That work will take more than 9 days. But you can start 2015 off with some really clear and achievable goals with this course.

There are several things that make the 9 Day Passion Project different from other programs out there.

The first is that it’s really about laying the groundwork for achieving your goals. It’s about having the tools to identify your passions and what’s meaningful, knowing how to eliminate the barriers that seem to get in the way of your success again and again – whether they are emotional or related to family and friends or other circumstances, and also making room for these new goals in your busy life. Because let’s face it, no matter how well-intentioned we are, our goals can lose traction as time goes on. So making room for something important to you in your life so it can actually stick is key. 

The other thing that makes it different, beyond the fact that it really isn’t just focused on finding passion, is that the “passion-finding” portion of it also focuses on more than passion.

I really believe that as important as passion is, it is fickle. What’s more important is meaning. What’s meaningful to you is what sustains you. That’s what sticks with you for the long run. So in the course I focus on finding meaning in addition to finding passion, which is just the “fun” stuff.


Who is the course for?

This course is for you – both men and women – who feel stuck in a rut in your life. If you feel like you’ve had goals – no matter what they are – career, fitness, health, relationship, business, or other personal growth goals – and you haven’t been able to achieve them on your own, this course is for you.

If you’re looking for something that will help you figure out what you really want – what your passions are, what’s meaningful to you, and you want something that will help you know how to get that, this course will be perfect for you.

How can someone get clear on what they really want?

I think you have to look at what is meaningful in your life. Much of what you read out there is focused on passion, and don’t get me wrong, I think passion is very important. But I think passion is really about what you enjoy, while meaning is about what gives you long lasting contentment or a sense that something really matters on a deep level in your life.

When you follow your passion, you are sometimes just following what’s fun, and when it fizzles out you wonder what happened. But if you follow what means something to you, you can get clear on what you really want in your life. And when you can connect your passion with what’s meaningful, you’re really able to connect with doing things that only you can bring to the table.

By uncovering what has meaning to you, you can get clear on what you really want.


the 9 day passion project

On a more personal note – Jessica, how do you manage to stay inspired?

It is a practice. Just like everyone else I experience life’s ups and downs. But I stay inspired by focusing on the bigger goals in front of me, and taking a longer term view.

If you’re walking around and looking straight down at your feet, you’re going to notice every little bump you walk across. Life is kind of like that too. But if you walk with your head up, you only notice the big things. I just try to focus on the big things I can influence, like the goals I’m working toward and try not to let the day-to-day bumps get to me.

I also am extremely grateful for everything I have in my life, and am in awe of the miracle that is our universe. How inspirational is it that the sun rises, that we breathe, that babies are born, that flowers bloom? Just look around – to me, there’s inspiration everywhere!


the 9 day passion project


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