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Attributes of a Smart and Safe Home

When picturing the home of our dreams, safety is not the first thing that comes to our mind. We are often too stuck with deciding the décor and finalizing the aesthetics. The realization of safety often hits when we start living in the house. The ability to live comfortably in a house that is built on the foundation of years of hard work and emotions depends on several factors. Two of the major factors include safety and smart features that make it livable.  

Attributes of a Smart and Safe Home

From air quality sensors to smart lighting controls, here is everything that creates an umbrella for a smart and safe home.

Attributes of a Safe Home

When it comes to making a home safe, a major part of brainstorming should go into making the indoor air clean. Accordingto a report by the World Health Organization, a whopping 7 million people lose their life to contaminated air. The moment air pollution reaches hazardous levels; staying indoors is often the first precautionary step we all take. However, the safety measure of staying indoors proves to be good only when there are certain things taking care of the air inside the home.

Air Purifier – Indoor air is a combination ofpollen, dust, pet hair, fumes, mold, smoke, VOCs and the carbon dioxide we breathe out. These toxins, when encounter the polluted outdoor air that moves freely inside the house, the toxicity level increases. Thus, the need for an air purifier that comes with HyperHEPA filter, 3-stage filtration process, fights ultrafine particles, has a pre-filter for eliminating micro-particles and is effective in destroying chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Air Quality Sensor – While most of us are using air purifiers as a sword to battle contamination, do we know whether it’s working perfectly or not? Yes, most air purifiers come with inbuilt air quality sensors, but they are not as reliable as the standalone ones.

Attributes of a Smart Home

Standalone air quality sensors available with resellers like BreatheEasy deliver every small detail about air quality with accuracy. From AQI, PM2.5, CO2, temperature, humidity to alerts when the air becomes unhealthy, they do it all. The app enabled functionality of such standalone sensors also makes them a part of the smart home revolution.

Over the years, living spaces have witnessed a drastic transformation in terms of being technologically driven. Homeowners today have realized the importance of lighting that helps relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Smart Lighting Controls – Using the features of connected lighting, smart lighting controls are intelligent solutions to improve the experience of the occupants. The lighting industry is undergoing a revolution since smart lighting controls came into action. All thanks to the myriad of advantages that come along. Smart lighting controls:

  • Make handling lights easy
  • Maximize energy savings
  • Improve comfort and convenience
  • Comply with energy conservation and help save energy

HVAC Control System – Managing the ambient temperature of the house through the HVAC Control System not just eases the load but also helps save energy and power costs. You can easily regulate the HVAC system using your smartphone. Heating or cooling a room as per the occupant’s wish will no longer be a far-fetched dream. Regular analysis of the overall usage of energy is another advantage.

With the rise in technological advancements, making your home smart and safe is among the best long-term investments. Products such as an air purifier and air quality sensor are a necessity in today’s times as they help keep your family safe from the adversity of polluted air. Smart lighting controls and HVAC system, on the other hand, provide comfort and truly make a home smart.

So, if you’re keen on making your home smart and safe, having these attributes will get you started.

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