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Of late, I find that it has become rather fashionable for people to say that they’re busy. You ask them how they’re doing and they’ll say they’re ever so busy – or tell you how fed up they are of their job – or how it’s one mad rush……..and how stressed they are…..

 Listen up people, busyness is not a virtue! (and that was addressed to myself too).

It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants.
The question is, “What are we busy about”? ~ Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps some of the reasons that we are so inundated with stuff on our to-do list are because we

  • Don’t know how to prioritize
  • Don’t know how to say ‘no’
  • Don’t delegate
  • Waste time on unnecessary stuff
  • Need the buzz – that is,  when we’re not busy we feel useless.

I need to take stock of my own busyness and put an end to it – it’s just not healthy. Please share your thoughts on this.

I recommend that you read this post by Darren Hardy – Success is Not About What you DO to read an inspiring story about Sir Richard Branson.

 A while back, after our SUCCESS cover feature with the knighted Sir Richard Branson, we had a client contact us to inquire about hiring Richard Branson to speak at their conference. So, we had someone inquire and Sir Richard declined. The client then offered $250,000 for an hour talk; Sir Richard declined. They then raised it to $500,000. Sir Richard declined. Then we asked how much it WOULD take to get Sir Richard to attend. The response from his people was, “no amount of money would matter.” They said, “Right now Richard has three main priorities he is focused on and he will only allocate his time to those three priorities, and speaking for a fee is not one of them.”

Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done. It is an excuse for not claiming your true priorities. – Alan Cohen

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