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Dance with your Cinderellas

Dance With Your Cinderellas

dance with your cinderellas


This morning I read the poignant story of singer Steven Curtis Chapman who lost his 5-year old, adopted daughter Maria Sue in a tragic accident. Listen to Steven’s song which was inspired by this little girl and her sisters – Dance With Cinderella below or here.


What an inspiring song. The essence of it is that we should use the present moment to ‘dance with Cinderella’ before it’s too late. It got me thinking about who my Cinderellas were…..was I spending enough time with the people who really matter to me? Do they know how I feel about them? When did I last tell them how much I care? Are there other Cinderellas out there who need me and I’m not paying attention….

Let’s find our Cinderellas and dance with them before it’s too late.

Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either. I wish I had or I am glad I did. ~ Zig Ziglar

May you be inspired – every day!


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  1. Indyeah Indyeah February 9, 2009

    this time can I just say thnak you?:)because the song was so moving and the story behind it was so heartbreaking….makes me want to hug dad!thank YOU!:)

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