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Do You Think You’re Beautiful?

Amy doesn’t think she’s beautiful even if he does. And sadly, Amy is just one of many women who doesn’t. Watch the video here or below:



Here are some shocking statistics:
• Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful
 • Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves
 • 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful
 • 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty
 • More than half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic
Source: Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited (2005)
It’s time we changed these statistics.  It’s time to work on our own notions of beauty. It’s to enable young girls and women to realize their own beauty. It’s time to stand up and say, ‘I am beautiful just the way I am.”
“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.”  ~ ― Naomi Wolf
Do you consider yourself beautiful?

May you be inspired – everyday!

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