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Handle With Care #FridayReflections

Earlier this year, I decided to start working every day of the week at the organization I was supposed to work at 3 times a week (for no extra income). I was coming home late. I was attempting to lose myself in work, perhaps. All this was taking a toll on our home life, but I didn’t seem to care. José tried to tell me that I was acting weird. But I would take offence at what he said. I would constantly break into tears. I remember more than once telling José that he couldn’t understand me (since I couldn’t understand myself) and asking him to go easy on me because I was at breaking point. I seemed to be saying, “I’m fragile. Handle with care.” Thankfully, certain events in that organization made some red flags go up and I quit completely.

Handle With Care

I know now that I was grieving the loss of my Mom, the imminent loss of my Dad and the total breakdown of communication and trust with my siblings.

Despite my poor choices, I am grateful that for the first time I admitted my vulnerability and fragility. For a woman who has tried to be a rock for many others, who buried years of pain and heartache behind a smile, this was a huge breakthrough.

I learned that it’s okay to be broken. It’s more than okay to admit it.

I learned that it's okay to be broken. It's more than okay to admit it.Click To Tweet

I also learned that we are all broken. And that’s the beauty of our shared humanity.

In Brendan, (Frederick Buechner’s novel about a sixteenth-century Irish saint), a servant recounts a conversation between Brendan and Gildas, a crippled and bitter old priest.
“I am as crippled as the dark world,” Gildas says.
“If it comes to that, which one of us isn’t my dear?” Brendan replies.
Gildas with but one leg. Brendan sure he’s misspent his whole life entirely. I who had left my wife to follow him and buried our only boy. The truth of what Brendan said stopped all our mouths. We was cripples all of us…
“To lend each other a hand when we’re falling,” Brendan said, “Perhaps that is the only work that matters in the end.”

As I admit my vulnerability, I realize I must be more aware of the brokenness of others too. This calls for having a big heart – one that sees beyond the obvious and reaches out, a heart that forgives, a heart that realizes that bad behaviour might really be a cry for help. All we can do is lend each other a hand and handle each other with care.

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  1. Parul Thakur Parul Thakur September 12, 2018

    Hugs! Like you said, we are all broken. We all need a lot of care and kindness towards ourselves. I am happy that you were able to sail through the phase and identified what needed to be done. What you went through isn’t easy. So writing about it should make you feel lighter.

  2. Meenakshi Meenakshi September 10, 2018

    Loads of hug your way, Corrinne…You have had a tough year, but then remember that ‘This too shall pass’. All of us have made poor choices without exception. What matters, in the end, is if we have learnt from our mistakes or not. God bless!

  3. Damyanti Damyanti September 10, 2018

    You’ve had a tough year, Corinne. Sending you hugs and a lot of love.

  4. Dr.Amrita Basu Dr.Amrita Basu September 9, 2018

    I learned that it’s okay to be broken. It’s more than okay to admit it,, This quote I am taking along with me.I realized this last year in June.A sibling situation which changed my life too. Its okay to be broken and then heal . Peace for you.

  5. Mojito With a Twist Mojito With a Twist September 9, 2018

    I understand what you’re saying, Corinne. Expressing myself has been difficult for me too. The fear of my loved ones not understanding my emotions has been the primary hindrance for me.

    Lots of hugs are coming your way, Corinne! Embrace yourself 😀

  6. Mackenzie Glanville Mackenzie Glanville September 9, 2018

    There is so much strength in admitting our vulnerabilities, I am so proud of you beautiful friend, how I wish somedays we could just sit and talk, I am here for you, you are in my prayers.

  7. Holly J Holly J September 9, 2018

    Indeed. Unlike Esha, I’m not so sure you’ve come out of it, though you may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Beware it’s not just the headlamp of a locomotive. 😉 But learning to recognize and to admit our brokenness, to ask for help, and to indulge in needed self-care, that’s golden. I think I’ve told you, as I’ve told others, that grief and depression deserve chicken soup, rest, care, and time – as much or more than a bout of the flu. As we recover, WE don’t have to add to our own brokenness, and can heal by helping others.

  8. Alana Alana September 9, 2018

    Such truth, Corinne. And I can remember when my father died, I also buried myself in work – until my boss/owner of my company actually called me out for it and told me he didn’t want me working any more overtime. That was many years ago and he left this earth nearly 10 years ago himself. Perhaps this is why we suffer here – so that we learn these most important of lessons, that we are all in this life together, and we all prosper or perish together. This is a lesson that many of us in the United States have forgotten.

  9. Sunita Saldhana Sunita Saldhana September 8, 2018

    This is such an important thing to learn. We hate others thinking we are weak. But it impossible to go on adding to our loads and not face the consequences.
    I have been guilty of it as well and actually broke down in front of my physician.
    You don’t know how much your posts have been helping me lately. I have learnt to let it be and learnt to be okay with my brokenness. I still love myself and that is all that matters.

  10. MeenalSonal MeenalSonal September 8, 2018

    Yes it’s okay to breakdown at some times and more important is to cope up with it. If our cope up mechanism and factors work well, the breakdown cannot shatter us.
    Thanks for sharing a post that will make us to pause and analyse our actions.


    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  11. sudha sudha September 8, 2018

    What is life without its share of ups and downs? As I always endorse Lord gives you problems not to tumble you but to humble you. So following the motto which I feel we all should always try- will keep you calm
    There are these few things we need to do. just put this quote up in front of you –
    If you are overwhelmed BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT SLOW
    If something has happened and you are caught up with frustrations BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT SLOW
    Are you moving too fast? BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT SLOW
    Enjoy this moment in life. When you look back you may feel it was a minute problem to handle. Moments are too few to waste.

  12. Esha M Dutta Esha M Dutta September 7, 2018

    I’m glad you were able to come out of that difficult phase, Corinne—I can relate to it because, like you, I too went through something similar and struggled for a long time to admit my vulnerability even to myself. On hindsight, I think it would have helped me hugely if I could have come to terms with the upheavals earlier than I did…would have saved me the suffering and the heartbreaks that went on unabated until I decided to face the truth. A beautiful post that spoke to my heart, Corinne.

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