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Judge A Book By Its Cover?

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You know what? I do judge a book by its cover. An interesting looking cover will certainly make me pick a book up, faster than I would its boring covered cousin.  Then, I read the blurb at the back and the reviews to get an idea of what it’s about.  That’s when I take a decision whether it’s something I would like to read. Sometimes I’m right about my choice and sometimes I’m wrong. Of course, the  final proof of a book is that it should either get me emotionally involved or intellectually stimulated.

It makes me think of how I make friends – a pleasing and friendly personality does attract me to people. But like a good book, the proof is in the relationship – does it keep me emotionally involved in a positive way and does it stimulate me to grow.

Today I’m linking in to Romance Author, Paula Martin here, via BlogFEST2012.

Do you judge a book by its cover?



  1. privytrifles privytrifles October 30, 2012

    I have a slightly different way. I somehow feel books talk to me. ( Please don’t laugh 🙂 ) but that is how I actually feel. They call me out – in libraries and bookstores… and the moment I take them in my hand I hear the message more clearly.

    Very rarely has it happened that I have landed up with a wrong buy ( Well in almost 250 books that I own…some 50 wrong ones might be there) but otherwise I am zealously protective about them..I love them all.

    But what you said it right..we do tend to judge things by what meets our eye in the first instance.
    privytrifles recently posted..For YOU…my friend!My Profile

  2. Lazy Pineapple Lazy Pineapple October 29, 2012

    I sometimes do..but not always. I start reading the first chapter, and if that gets me hooked then I do read the book.
    Lazy Pineapple recently posted..Do you work from home?My Profile

  3. Susan Deborah Susan Deborah October 29, 2012

    Oh yes, ditto. I tend to judge a book by its cover as well. And why not? After all first impressions do matter. Extending this to people, behavioural science says that within the first ten seconds of meeting someone new, the brain starts judging. People who wear a genuine smile and maintain eye-contact and send positive signals definitely score more than the ones who have shifty glances, perpetual sad face and closed body signals. Well, after we get to know people, we might perceive them differently but first impressions do matter.

    Joy always,

  4. rimly rimly October 24, 2012

    I totally agree with you, Corinne

  5. umashankar umashankar October 24, 2012

    Despite the war cry of not judging a book by its cover, the covers are actually the first thing that strike me about a book, especially by an author I haven’t read before. As a matter of fact, I may go ahead and pay a few extra bucks if a different edition of a book wears a more attractive jacket. That said,Book reviews by reliable writers and awards push me towards books bigtime.
    umashankar recently posted..An Owl ReflectsMy Profile

  6. Jo Jo October 24, 2012

    Though I can’t say I do that, I understand why so many do. I blame the ebooks…that’s pretty much all I read now and the covers mean nothing to me.
    Jo recently posted..JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVERMy Profile

  7. Latha Latha October 23, 2012

    I do too..esp for books, many times..:) In relationships, only sometimes…sometimes, I walk out or keep away on knowing the reality.
    Latha recently posted..Why??My Profile

  8. Jas Jas October 23, 2012

    Oh yes, almost exactly the way you do. Though sometimes if i am in a dark mood, I pick up bad covers and snigger.
    Jas recently posted..Abandoned Or FoundMy Profile

  9. Jenn Jenn October 23, 2012

    Love your honesty!! And I find I am much like you 🙂

    Cheers, Jenn
    Jenn recently posted..Lesson in JudgingMy Profile

  10. b k chowla b k chowla October 23, 2012

    In my case,i would go by the book review if available or else I generally look at the title
    b k chowla recently posted..POPULATIONMy Profile

  11. Rachna Rachna October 23, 2012

    Unfortunately, I judge the book by its cover too. And, sometimes people by their behavior, but like you pointed out one grows out of it as the relationship progresses. However, physical looks do matter to me when it comes to my partner. I like well groomed and easy on eyes there :).
    Rachna recently posted..A nice vacation!My Profile

  12. Martha Orlando Martha Orlando October 23, 2012

    Corinne, this could not have come at a more appropriate time as all my “blurbs” are into the publisher and she is preparing to send me the final manuscript and cover suggestions. I will definitely keep your words in mind as I navigate these uncharted waters. I am praying over this and would so appreciate your prayers, too, my friend! Intellectually, I know a book should not be judged by its cover, but we both know that’s exactly what people will do.
    I truly want my novel to grab on the outside and engage on the inside.
    And, I do believe the release is all in God’s timing and determination.
    Still, hope some will have faith before they judge . . .
    Blessings, dear friend, and thanks so much for being on this journey with me!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Could We Ask for Anything More?My Profile

  13. Harleena Singh Harleena Singh October 22, 2012

    We are similar in judging the book by it’s cover Corinne!

    I ditto your words here 🙂

    I think when we don’t know anything about a book or even a person, we would go by the first impression – the cover and the look. If it looks good enough do we proceed ahead. I too read the blurb behind the book and if it’s something that I like, only then it’s worth a read for me.

    Similarly, I am choosy about the friends I make, and looks are what we would see at first, and then proceed to meet the person. However, I really don’t stop at the looks and what matters more to me is that we connect with each other, and unless we are on the same emotional level – things don’t work.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..What Stress Signs Do You HaveMy Profile

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