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I’m just back from the dentist – having had to remove a tooth. I was told that if I had come in a little earlier my tooth could have been saved. Why had I not gone earlier? Why did I wait for an infection to take over before I decided to go to the dentist? Neglect.

Neglect of my physical health has been a repeated pattern in my life.

Last year, I took some steps to rectify that by taking time off to visit a Nature Cure facility. I lost weight and started an exercise regimen. I began to eat healthier too. Like always, the exercise part didn’t last. However, I’m glad to report that some things improved – healthier eating habits, regular massages and better care of myself. But not enough.

I’m questioning the reason for this pattern of not being able to commit to exercise. I believe that if we are to grow we must look at holistic growth : the psychological, the physical, the social and the spiritual. More and more, I see a connection between health of mind and spirit and health of body. I’m certain that my mind and spirit send messages to my body. Something prevents me from taking responsibility to exercise regularly. I’m searching deep within. Meanwhile, I need someone to give me a hard kick in the rear. My husband has retired from the job – and I can’t blame him. He did try. Now it’s up to me. It always was. It always will be.


“Love is always the answer to healing of any sort.” ~ Louise Hay

I am very good at telling other people what to do for their health and healing – it’s time I loved myself enough to do the same for me. I choose now to break the pattern of neglect. I choose to be healthy.

I’m committing myself to holistic growth this year.

What are you doing for your health in 2013?



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  1. Yes, we all definitely need a kick on our rear. My wife is still working, but I am too big for her to hit..

    You never know the David and Goliath story may repeat again. But this year I have been mostly vegetarian, I am practicing yoga and also tried a couple of diets..But nothing seems to work..”


    I currently weigh 86 kgs and will touch 76 by this year end..This is 1 kg loss in a month on an average and I feel its a realistic target..

    Will keep you posted by the end of 2013.


  2. Good features of Holistic.I like it.Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people’s needs including.Am i right?

  3. The first thing I decided to do this year was to stay unaffected by the negativity around me. For the ones who create it are already unaffected. Its me who undergoes all the stress because of it and so I decided to let it just be.

    And BTW I loved your resolution!

  4. I too fell off the wagon in terms of keeping up with exercising, Corinne!! I know it’s an old, tired resolution to make, but I too hope to take better care of myself this year!!

  5. Hi Corinne,
    I hope you are feeling okay since you had your tooth removed. I know how it can be in our fast paced world with our million and one obligations to forget to take care of our body. We all get reminders like this to make taking care of ourselves and our body the number one priority in life.

  6. Since work is kind of stressful ~ perhaps, I could share some of the work load ~ delegate some activities to another colleague.
    On health matters, I’m keeping my promise to visit the dentist every six months (even though it’s painfully expensive). The last piece he did (cauterize my gum and put a jacket on one of my molars cost me a month’s salary) allowed me to eat (thanks God!) a lot.
    Plus, I will be thoroughly aware of things that could trigger my asthma. I’ve never had it for several years til last Christmas… it didn’t allow me to rest and sleep…
    I’m glad you brought up this matter, I really have to verbalize every plan I have to make it real.
    Yes, I promise to love myself a little more 😉 Happy New Year BS :*

  7. Hi Corinne

    Great reminder through your post. It has to ME first and then comes the family. If I am not healthy, how can I be in a position to help others in my family as well.

    I have been through this many times, I use to miss my routine but since the time I have joined the group who is very regular into walk and exercise, I have improved a lot.

    Thanks for such a great reminder.


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