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Kick Off Those Heels #WellnessWednesdays

Did you read about the #KuToo movement that started in Japan, recently? The Japanese women have petitioned against a rule that requires them to wear high heels at work everyday. It is a part of their dress code that is wreaking havoc on their health—both physical and mental. In other words, Japanese women are saying to each other: ‘Kick off those heels!”

Those who wear the heels, either for work or for style, will know the torture their feet have to go through, each day every day. Some, among these, will admit to the inconvenience their shoes cause and their helplessness at the situation as its part of their dress code. Whilst some others, who wear the heels for style, might just grin and bear. It’s a matter of style, after all, and who doesn’t want to appear fashionable?

The History of High Heels

I just Googled for information on the history of high heels and learned that, apparently, the high heels were not even created for women. The heels were invented in 10th century, for Persian men who rode horses so that their feet could fit snugly in the stirrups.

It was only in the 16th century that women started wearing the heels to appear taller.

For many years now, high heels have been a symbol of style, glamour and femininity. If you wish to appear stylish, all you need to do is slip on a pair.

Sadly, not many are aware of the pressure the heels put on the overall health of the wearer.

Why we should kick off those heels!

Disadvantages of Wearing High Heels

However much “in vogue” these high heels may appear, they are not created keeping the anatomy of the feet in mind.

Our feet are meant to be flat on the ground for us to be able to walk comfortably. While walking, we put the entire weight of our body on the heels and the balls of the feet. This helps us to maintain our balance and the alignment of the entire body.

Wearing high heels changes that and creates an inconvenience not just for the feet, but also for our entire body.

Pain in the lower back

If you wear heels all day, you are bound to experience a bad pain in the lower back. This is because your heels push your pelvis forward which in turn puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. To understand this better, just look at the image of the pelvis and you will be able to imagine how its changed position puts your lower back at risk.


When you wear heels, your feet face a lot of friction in the snug shoe. This leads to the thickening and hardening of the skin of your feet.  And, once these callouses appear, it gets difficult (and embarrassing) wearing open-toed shoes or sandals.

Falls and Sprains

Your heels put all your body weight on the balls of your feet, instead of both – the balls and the heels. To understand this better, walk around on your toes on an uneven ground and you will know how you stand to lose your balance at every bump and crater.

Joint Pain

Usually, doctors recommend wearing shoes that are roomy enough to wriggle your toes. But, high heels restrict your feet in a space that’s too cramped. Because of this your knees and ankles have to take the load each time you walk. This leads to problems with your joints—the knees, the ankles and the feet feel sore all the time.

No cushioning for the feet

The feet being snug in the tight fitting shoes all day, the cushion at the balls of the feet wears away. As a result, the feet suffer badly. I read that there are Botox injections for patients’ feet to offer them some cushioning, called ‘Stiletto Lift’.

Women the world over, agree with their Japanese counterparts. Wearing heels for a few hours might not harm the feet as much as if worn for longer periods.

 Making high heels compulsory is truly inhuman, be it at corporate houses or even at the Cannes Film Festival! Remember Julia Roberts walked barefoot on the red carpet to rebel against it? It’s time every woman did it to express her objection to such stringency. Kick off those heels!

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