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Finally Finding Your Happy Place: Natural and Alternative Ways to Battle Daily Depression

It’s difficult for clinical professionals to provide ongoing alleviation of depression. Counseling helps but people struggle to find thought processes, actions, and substances that help get them through the day. Some endeavors are not helpful – drugs or reckless behavior. Finding a healthy and effective happy place, however, does involve an array of helpful things.

Finally Finding Your Happy Place: Natural and Alternative Ways to Battle Daily Depression

Find a New Hobby

What have you always wanted to learn? Now’s the time to act. Do an online search, head to the library, or purchase a book on a chosen topic. Next, get further involved through activities. For a bird lover, this means taking trips to find exotic birds. For an aspiring skateboarder, it means going to the skate park. Those who struggle with depression often find relief in directing attention toward a passion or interest. If nothing currently seems interesting, introduce new things into your life.

Get More Exercise

The thought of exercise is not pleasing. It’s likely the word conjures thoughts of work and unwanted activity. It’s the wrong way to think about exercise. First, select one or more modes of exercise. It could be walking, biking, skiing, lifting weights, etc. Most importantly, select an activity that you enjoy doing. Next, schedule time for it every day or as often as possible. Lastly, don’t think of the activity as labor. Think of the good feelings and benefits for your body as well as the long-term benefits and euphoria these feelings can bring.

Adopt a Pet

Tons of cats and dogs need loving homes. Whether you stumble upon anecdotal or scientific evidence to support the notion, most agree pets bring joy into the lives of owners. Some are reluctant to adopt due to expected bad behavior, allergies, or a tendency to keep things very neat. All of those issues, however, have solutions, and it would be difficult to find a pet owner who would oppose adoption.

Many pets are adopted from shelters as strays and pet owners may initially have difficulties introducing a new mature animal into their home. Teething issues can be exacerbated even further if the adopted animal has pre-existing health issues, but this should not discourage you if you are looking to provide an animal with a loving home. Pet owners are turning to alternative solutions with surprisingly positive results and working through such issues. Alternative health therapies such as cannabinoid treatments for pets are now gaining traction with pet owners for providing often amazing results – get information about CBD here if you are faced with this situation.

Go to a New Destination

Plan an extended or day long trip to a new place. Depending on how long you mind driving, taking a train, or sitting on a bus, you could get through several states in a day. Survey local train, bus, and plane schedules. Even better, find a destination that is associated with an existing or new hobby. For example, a surfer may want to go to California or a golfer may love Arizona’s temperatures and an array of golf courses.

Start Volunteering

In a poor mood, it’s easy to look inward or be mindful of feelings. It’s helpful to draw attention away from the self and toward others, especially those in need. Helping others is intrinsically rewarding and provides good feeling. Also, when observing others in need, it’s a little easier to pull away from the self and understand that many people struggle, and taking action is a good way to try and solve the problem.

Look at Pictures

We take pictures of people and places that inspire good feelings. Go through pictures taken with old friends or those shot on site while traveling. Allow the picture to bring you back to particular moments that brought you feelings of happiness and security. With enough practice and effort, you can begin to ‘transport’ yourself to the happy place whenever you feel the need.

Speak to a Religious Representative

If you’re religious, spiritual, or curious, approach a priest, rabbi, or another representative of your religion. They may help provide you with some peace of mind or a brand of philosophy that helps give meaning to life and each day. It doesn’t mean you have to be a member of a church or pledge allegiance to a religion. Perhaps like going to a new physical destination, exploring new ideas may provide comfort.

Make More Money

This may seem like an odd suggestion; isn’t money the root of all evil? Well, you could give all of your money to needy children. That would not be dastardly. Moreover, making more money means spending more time and energy on tasks at hand and less on feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Plus, having added funds to pay bills, lower debt, and take vacations is no reason to be sad.

Listen to Upbeat Music

Some genres and artists adopt an upbeat tone with uplifting rhythm and positive lyrics. Find your brand of toe-tapping music and make it a point to listen for a bit each day. Listen on your way to work, in the shower, during a run, etc. Music can have a great impact, making some run faster, lift heavier weight, or feel incredible.

[box type=”bio”] Amelie Bell is a holistic medicine healer who loves to help others find wellness. She also loves to post her insights on health and wellness blogs.[/box]

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