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Pawns #FridayReflections

There’s been too much in the news recently for me not to write this piece. Pawns is not a poem (I can’t write poetry). It’s just something that flowed out of the anguish I feel.


Is that what we’ve been reduced to?
Not fit to be born – we’re slaughtered in the womb.

If allowed to be born
Then we’re a curse.
Best kept at home –
Another pair of hands to work
To serve father, brother, uncle
Sometimes serving their baser needs.

If allowed to be educated
Then we must be eternally grateful.
To school and back must we go
Not allowed to venture far
Because it’s not safe.
Not allowed higher education
Because ‘what’s the use, when she gets married?’

If we’re allowed a higher education
Then it’s best that we choose ‘safe’ careers
Work in an office or a school
A 9 to 5 job is best.
But we’re not safe in these places either.
We’re not even safe in convents
Where we can be raped by Bishops!

If we get married, it must to someone of our family’s choice
Same religion, the same caste
If not, it’s open season:
You can hack our spouse in front of us
You can cut off our arms
You can tie us to a tree and beat us senseless …..
After all, what are we but pawns in your hands…..

You do not spare us
Child, young girl, adult or old woman
We’re fodder for your abuse – verbal, physical, sexual and emotional.
You even rape us with your words and with your looks
And always we’re to blame
For dressing in a certain way
For behaving provocatively
For turning you on!

And should we dare to rise up,
Should we venture to share our stories
You are quick to silence us
To mock us and shut us up.
It’s open season for you (including you, POTUS)
To troll us and harass us…
For we are merely pawns
Victims of your patriarchy.

But there comes a time
When victims can’t take anymore
When they rise up in revolt
And topple kings and queens
When they question practices
And start to demolish systems.

Our time has come
Better late than ever
We’ll take on patriarchy
In all its forms
Together we’ll fight
And together we’ll win



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  1. Holly Holly October 15, 2018

    The righteous anger of women will either save or burn down the world.

  2. Sanch @ Sanch Writes Sanch @ Sanch Writes October 14, 2018

    Powerful post Corinne. I have noticed through my feeds on social media that the metoo movement has finally hit India. Can’t say I’m surprised {yes, I’m cynical}. I feel quite beaten down by everything in the world at the moment and your words speak of that anguish and frustration.

  3. Anamika Agnihotri Anamika Agnihotri October 10, 2018

    The poem speaks about the anguish we all have felt in various walks of life. The recent #MeToo movement in India leaves me happy, angry and sad at the same time. People we have hailed as Sanskaari are coming out as demons. The twitter threads exposing and listing names and incidences are adding to the disgust. This plague of a situation has been widely rampant and nothing got done about it.

  4. Suzy Suzy October 9, 2018

    A very powerful poem. Sentiments echoed I think in the hearts of most women.

  5. BellyBytes BellyBytes October 9, 2018

    I suppose this post has been spurred by the recent events in the US among others. Well, it is sad but true Corinne, patriarchy is engraved in the human psyche. No matter how hard we women work to get recognition as equals, it will be a long, hard grind. Needless to say, we should continue the struggle and who knows one day like suffrage and the Right to Life we too will have a say in the way we live our own lives.

  6. Lata Sunil Lata Sunil October 9, 2018

    Its the sad reality isnt it? The #metoo is getting out of control. I read about Alok nath just now. I am still in shock. Really!! why are we women secondary citizens? Not even secondary. I think we are still below the cows and the dogs too.

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