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Are you a habitual Pill Popper?

Are a habitual pill popper?

What do we do when we feel the beginning of a headache or a toothache, or body ache? Initially, we grin and bear the pain, complaining once in a while about how it’s getting worse every minute. Ultimately, when we can’t take it any more, we pop in a painkiller. Within half an hour we feel the pain subsiding, and peace returns.

Ah, how divine that feels, doesn’t it?

Most of us bear the pain even when it is worse, but most of us also are in the habit of popping painkillers every time there’s pain in some part of the body.

The same goes with some antibiotics and antiviral drugs, too.

Antibiotics work at treating bacterial infections, for example, Urinary Tract Infection, pneumonia, ear infections and sinus. And, antiviral drugs treat viral infections like cold, cough, flu etcetera.

Of course, many of the bacterial and viral infections do need prescription medicines. A thorough check-up by the physician is needed to treat those that are serious. But, there are some infections that can be treated with natural remedies, too. The reason behind choosing natural remedies is the disadvantages of using the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications.

Stop Being a Pill Popper

Disadvantages of Antibiotics, Antivirals and Anti-Inflammatory Pills

The number one disadvantage of these meds is their side effects, most common being vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and indigestion.

Loss of appetite, drowsiness, giddiness and allergies are other side effects of these meds.

Antibiotics and antivirals when used for treating certain illnesses give relief from the problem. However, when used without prescriptions and on a regular basis, can be harmful for our health.

Over a period of time, these meds also affect the immune system and make these drugs less effective.

Dear Pill Popper Switch to Natural Remedies!

Certain viral infections like cold and cough and also bacterial infection like UTI can be treated with natural remedies.

Toothaches, headaches and backaches can be treated with home remedies and making changes in our lifestyle and our habits.

Natural Remedies:

Ingredients found in your kitchen cabinets have the power to solve some of your health problems, too.

Warm water, honey, lemon, ginger, garlic, and herbs like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric and dry ginger can all be used to treat problems such as cold, cough, diarrhea, indigestion, urinary tract infection and toothache.

1. Adding ginger, tulsi leaves, fennel seeds and honey to warm water makes for the perfect solution for cold and cough.

2. Placing a couple of peppercorns in the mouth before going to bed can give you relief from cough and help you sleep well. Consuming half a teaspoon each of turmeric powder and sugar also gives relief from cough at night.

3 Adding a spoonful of cumin seeds to water, boiling it and then consuming it once cool helps bring relief from the burning sensation during a urinary tract infection.

4. Cloves work wonders for a toothache.

5. Dried ginger powder when mixed with jaggery, poppy seeds and ghee makes the perfect medicine for diarrhea.

6. Drinking chilled milk gives relief from acidity and drinking warm turmeric latte gives relief from cold/cough. It also strengthens the immune system and helps heal wounds.

7. Personally, I find drinking a chilled chocolate milkshake gives me relief from a headache!

8. Maintaining a correct posture, sitting with your back erect, kneeling down instead of bending down, will help keep backache at bay.

9. Using a firm pillow, or not using a pillow at all will take care of your back and neck when you sleep.

10. Yoga is one of the best treatments for aches and pains. Practicing Yoga on a daily basis with instructions from a teacher will help relieve aches and pains that usually need painkillers. It will also keep your overall health in a good condition and help fight infections, too.

So, now, before reaching for that pill, do stop and think if you can fight the problem with a natural remedy. If not, then visit a doctor instead of self-medicating. It could have side effects that, in turn, will require more medicines to treat.  

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