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The Best Layouts For Your Summer Garden

Your garden is a very different place during the summer. It’s bright and breezy, and has plenty of plants growing in various heights and colors – if you’ve set it up right, it really can look like a little slice of paradise! You’ll be forever pulling your new puppy out of the planter beds, where they’re trying to discover what that delicious smell is. 

So, in the interest of making sure you’ve got the right layout and the right foundation to grow a summer garden you want to spend time in, here’s just a few of the best designs to inspire you. 

The Best Layouts For Your Summer Garden

In General

The best layout for your garden, during the summer period, is one that fits and suits your outdoor space the most. After all, you can’t knock through the fence into next door’s garden, no matter how much you need the extra space to extend the rock and waterfall feature!

So, assess what you’re working with, and ask some questions. What are you looking to grow, first of all? Or would you rather focus on space to sit and mingle with friends and family? And what kind of structures are you looking to build? Do you want wood terraces and slats, and a shed at the back? Or would you rather have more natural looking, rock and stone pieces to decorate the garden with? Because there’s a different spread out there for each and every taste! 

It might also be worth it to look into some local Landscapers, if you have no clue where to start or how to orientate your garden properly. You want to catch the sun, most of all, and be able to use the ground’s innate water flow to your advantage, as well as maintain some comfort and privacy from any prying eyes. And if you’re having trouble working these aspects out for yourself, some professional advice is always worth the time and money. 

For Your Vegetable Patch

If you’re looking to start a kitchen garden, space is key. If you’re trying to stock your fridge with entirely home grown products this year, don’t limit yourself to just one side of your garden. You’re going to need plenty of room out there, to till the soil and erect some raised planter beds, and make sure you encourage all of the seeds you’re planning to sow to grow properly. 

If you’re planning to plant as many vegetables as possible, and clear out your local garden center, set your planter boxes out in a tightly set layout, one after the other, with room for you to walk in between. You’re going to need to water them, after all! 

If you’re looking to focus on just a few fruits and veg here and there, make a focal point. Build bigger boxes, and place them in the center of your garden. Have bigger walkways for you to move around on, and border these paths with low beds, where you can plant your herbs, or your rather less edible flowers. 

For Your Lawn Area

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s big on hosting, and is known to be a party animal, your garden needs to be a socialising area. You can still grow and cultivate here, but you’re going to want to focus on aesthetics, more than produce and practicality. 

You could go for islands; separate places to grow plants, to make sure any pathways or streams you set up are bordered by beauty and plenty of privacy. You could also pattern these islands out; a patch of roses here, a growth of creeper vines near the fence there, etc. 

If you’ve got less room to work with, and have more of a terrace area outside of your house, you can still maintain the garden party aesthetic! Place chairs and benches around the edges of this terrace, and then plant a center piece in the middle. It’s simple to do, just take a couple of the paving stones out, and then cultivate the soil beneath, and then find a plant that grows bushy and tall to replace them.

So, How is Your Summer Garden Growing?

Is it filled with silver bells and cockle shells? Probably not, but maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to invoke that sense of magic in your own backyard! And the good thing about a summer garden is that most designs are possible; it’s much better to toil away in summery conditions, and there’s a lot more plants to work with! 

 Photo by Peter Mason on Unsplash 

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