Painting Days

A talent I wish I had.

Now what would that be?

I can’t remember any other school that had such a beautiful art Β room as St Mary’s School, Pune where I studied between the age of 9 and 11. It was a little cottage that overlooked a garden. I remember the art teacher, Ms Lawrence, who was quite a lady. But most of all I remember my sad attempts at painting one particular day. We were each given an easel and watercolors and told to draw and paint the garden. I could visualize my finished product in my head – what a perfect piece of art it was going to be. An hour later, I had a soggy mess of paper that refused to dry! I was so upset with myself that day. I realized that I was not an artist. I couldn’t put down into a drawing all the beauty my mind visualized. My hand refused to cooperate with my head! People have told me that I can still learn to draw – but when it doesn’t come naturally to me, I don’t want to pursue it.

I recall all my attempts to learn the piano. I do have a ear for music and can hold a tune. But I wanted to play the piano by ear like I had watched my aunts and uncles, and later, cousins do. Who wanted to spend hours practising scales and learning to read music? When I realized that I would never be able to play by ear, I gave up.

I started writing this post to tell you about the talent I wish I had, didn’t I? Do you think it’s art or music? No, it’s not.

The talent I wish I had is ‘follow through’: to be able to stick to the interests I have and pursue them until I do the best I possibly can. I don’t have to be the best, to do my best!

What’s the talent you wish you had?


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