A friend of mine gave us a small silver bowl for as a wedding gift. I haven’t got it valued, but I’m certain it costs a lot with silver prices being what they are.  She explained to me that their family tradition was to give wedding gifts of  land, gold or silver. The idea was that the value of these gifts would increase in time and if the couple faced hard times they could sell these off and use the money for themselves. José suggested I should ask her for a couple of plots of land too!

Wealth and our perception of what it means to each of us is always fascinating.

Diamonds Fish and Wealth

You must wonder what the connection is between diamonds fish and wealth. Let me tell you a story I read a while back. Okay, so this is my version of it.

A man heard of a far away place, to which one had to travel with great difficulty, where diamonds were as plentiful as the dust. All you had to do is stoop down and fill your pockets with them.

So selling all he had, he undertook a difficult voyage to reach the ‘Land Of Diamonds’. Imagine his excitement, when he saw that the stories were indeed true. The man filled his pockets and bags with large quantities of diamonds. He was so busy doing this that he didn’t notice the curious looks that passersby gave him and that the local children stopped to watch his activity.

Before undertaking another difficult journey back home, he decided to have a good meal in an expensive restaurant. At the end of the meal, he took out a small diamond to tip the waiter, who sneered at him.   The locals considered these ‘pebbles’ to be worthless. In this ‘Land of Diamonds’ the currency that was sought after was fish!  The man soon found himself washing dishes to pay for his meal.

Our hero was an enterprising man. He stayed on, worked hard and began to invest in fish. Soon he became stinking rich (quite literally too) with large godowns of rancid fish.

Now that he was wealthy, he decided to head home. He loaded a ship with all the fish he could and started on his journey.

You can only imagine what happened when he reached home. People laughed at this self-proclaimed wealthy man with a ship load of rancid fish!

diamonds fish and wealth

We can laugh at the foolishness of this person, but which  of us hasn’t made a bad investment or two. We work hard, earn money and hope that we can make it grow, but we don’t always know what a good investment really is.

There are a lot of  self-proclaimed experts who tell us that real estate is the best investment. But we know that sometimes a political or economic change can see real estate prices fall dramatically.  Gold, until a few years ago, was the best investment. Not any more. Still others tell us that equity is the way to go, but we don’t know how the market works. Fixed deposits,  mutual funds, bonds… The list goes on. But we’re not experts, are we?

I’m of the opinion, that in matters of personal finance,  that we must seek the advice of experts and be willing to pay for their services. These are people who have studied investments and finance for years. They know how the markets work, how to invest prudently to make a profit. They educate themselves on the the global scenario and are also familiar with investment opportunities in India.

There are a lot of personal finance professionals that you can find to manage your investments. Do your due diligence and find a company or an individual that will help you grow your wealth wisely.


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