No. This is not a review of Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Begone! although I am going to share with you something from that a little later.

This post was sparked off by an article I read in the June 2015, Reader’s Digest, called ‘Dear Teacher,’. The articles has some priceless excuses written by parents to their child’s teacher. They were funny.

Not so funny are the excuses we make for our own behaviour and choices. Or that the fact that we need to make excuses at all. I think excuses (and I make them too, very often) are the lies we tell ourselves to avoid facing the truth about ourselves and our poor choices.  The worst part is that, sometimes, we don’t even call them excuses. We believe them, entirely.

excuses begone

Coming back to Wayne Dyer’s book, here are a list of 18 common excuses he gathered from a poll on his website when he was writing Excuses Begone!

1. It will be difficult

2. It’s going to be risky

3. It will take a long time

4. There will be family drama

5. I don’t deserve it

6. It’s not my nature

7. I can’t afford it

8. No one will help me

9. It has never happened before

10. I’m not strong enough

11. I’m not smart enough

12. I’m too old (or not old enough)

13. The rules won’t let me

14. It’s too big

15. I don’t have the energy

16. It’s not my personal family history

17. I’m too busy

18. I’m too scared

Wayne Dyer has list an affirmation for each of these excuses. As for me, I’m throwing away my excuses with an ‘Excuses Begone’ and trying to be real.

Have you ever used any of these yourself? I know I’m guilty of using at least 15 of them. What’s your score? 🙂


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