I’ve been going through the archives of my blog and deleting some old posts. I still have a lot of work to do on that. What am I removing? Loads of posts that were merely quotes with pictures and other posts that were copies of what other people wrote, published with due credit of course!

Finding My Voice

Why am I doing that? One is a very practical reason – to make my blog lighter. But the more important reason is to make sure that my blog is a reflection of me – what I have written. I started out initially writing my own stuff, but as the blog grew I felt pressure to keep posts coming and took the easy way out. Also, perhaps deep within I wasn’t confident enough about the quality of what I was writing? Would it appeal to people?

Given my background in training, I assumed that I would fit well in to the personal development niche. I read loads of personal development blogs and found that most people wrote a lot of ‘how to….’ stuff**. I attempted to do that – but didn’t do too well. The reason? It just wasn’t authentic to me. I found that I couldn’t really tell people ‘how to’ unless I was walking the talk. I couldn’t make a list of steps to follow, because I believe that everyone finds their own way. I can only accompany people on their journey, not give them a route map.

So, with a lot of urging from my husband,Β  I began more and more to write about Β personal things. I began to write about my own journey, share lessons I’ve learned on the way, talk about ongoing struggles I have, and gradually I found my voice.

I can’t tell you how freeing that is. There is no pressure to be a fount of wisdom. There’s no pressure to compete with anyone else. There’s freedom to be silly, to funny, to be profound (!), to be inspirational (!!) – but most of all there’s the freedom to be me. And I’m grateful for the response I receive to what I write. You dear, readers affirm me. Thank you.

Each of us have their unique voice. It can be expressed in different ways, through your work, your art, photography, sewing, designing, social work and just about any other way that isΒ you. The challenge is to find your voice and then sing loud and clear –Β be you!

Have you found your voice? Are you looking for it?

May you be inspired – every day!


** Please note, I’m not finding fault with bloggers in the personal development niche…but just stating that I don’t feel I belong there at all.